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led luminous pet safety necklace collar

Item No.: DB-015
Material: fiber
Size: 2*8000
Unit Price: 0.46USD/piece
Min.Order: 3000 piece
Supply: 10000 piece
Delivery: Shipment within 3 days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2019-09-03 17:12
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led luminous pet safety necklace collar

With cute fashion during the day, it has a warning and safety at night. A flash of sparkling crystal, now has "it" can go out easily, earning a return rate, no longer worry about not finding a baby at night, you can find him at a glance. This product can be worn with a pet pendant, which is very beautiful.

There are many colors in the pet collar, and we can choose the right color according to the gender of our dog. In addition, the color of the light flashes quickly, medium flashes and slow flashes. This also adjusts the flash speed according to the mood of the owner.

The material of the pet collar is safe and secure. Environmentally-friendly thick latex, resistant to falling and biting, does not hurt the pet's skin; no metal material, even if it hits the water, it will not rust.

Convenient and affordable, you can replace the button battery. If you have no power, just use your nails to open the back cover. You can easily replace it with a new one.

Simple and light to carry, the puppies have a small load, and the straw series has a strong luminosity.

This product is used in dark environments or at night for dog walking and petting.

Optical fiber is a shorthand for optical fiber. It is a fiber made of glass or plastic and can be used as a light-conducting tool. The transmission principle is the total reflection of light.

1. Training dogs at night: There is a light source at night to make it easier to find the location of the dog.

2. Looking for dogs at night: once the leash is released in the park, the dog will play around. At night, the dog is likely to run into the grass and can't find it.

3. Night car accident: The view at night is very poor. Of course, the driver's vision is even worse. The observation of the surrounding environment is not as good as during the day. It is easy to have a tragedy.

With a flash of sparkling crystal, you won't have to worry about losing our dear pets in the future. We should all have this experience: I went out for a walk with my own puppy in the evening, bought a bottle of mineral water, turned around and stunned, the dog was gone, the sky was dark and could not be found, and finally the whole family was moved, no It's easy to find it in the grass pile, it's a blessing!

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