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Smart LED lights with Bluetooth speakers

Item No.: ML-050
Material: ABS
Size: 128*95mm
Unit Price: 5.86USD/piece
Min.Order: 100 piece
Supply: 100000 piece
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2019-09-17 12:30
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Smart LED lights with Bluetooth speakers

Smart LED lights with Bluetooth speakers, built-in touch sensor, support for very good touch control LED lights, it has 3 kinds of warm white night lights and 7 kinds of colorful lights. With high-definition time display, very good subwoofer sound quality, 1200mAh large battery, support TF card, FM radio. This is a very good smart home electronics!

The touch adjusts the three-speed warm white light function, and the touch adjusts the five-speed color light function.

Bluetooth 4.1 chip, only compatible

Intelligently compatible with 99% Bluetooth devices on the market, Bluetooth connectivity is free and free to enjoy unlimited

Bluetooth transmission, HD call

Built-in high-definition microphone to enjoy the call, built-in HD noise reduction microphone, support two-way voice call.

ABS acrylic material

High-quality acrylic lampshade has high transparency and high-quality materials. It is our choice for the masses, with stable quality and good light transmission.

Three-speed touch dimming

Touch the touch surface on the top of the speaker to turn on the light, contunually tap, and the intensity of the light is enhanced.

Bluetooth connection method

Open right key-Turn on the blutooth search device-connection succeeded

Enjoy the music anytime, anywhere. It is the sound and the desk lamp.

One touch

The LED lamp adjusts the brightness in three steps, and you can touch the top of the lamp body.

Sleeping night light

Warm and soft lighting creates a comfortable sleeping environment for sleeping.

Touch dimming - multicolored cyclic color

In the case of always on, you can enter the lantern mode by touching for 3 seconds.

Eight functions, integrated table lamp

Touch dimming, colorful atmosphere, personalized alarm clock, smart Bluetooth

Music playback, hands-free phone, IF independent playback, cycle charging

Audio speaker

Third gear touch dimming

1. Short press warm mode: Highlight » Highlight »

2. Long press color lighting mode: red » blue » green » green »

3. The breathing lamp has a color gradient; the rhythm light, playing music and lighting will beat with the rhythm of the music.

4. Can also be used as computer, MP3 and other electronic products speakers

5. Bluetooth connection can be used to expand the voice content of the voice

6. Night camp can be used for lighting and speakers (economical)

7. Get up at night to take care of your baby, touch it, very convenient (not glare)

8. Fully charged: normal music can play for 10 hours or maximum brightness for 10 hours

Powerful, easy to use, power failure emergency family must not miss