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decorative water drop pendant lamp

Item: LUL-021
Materials: PET
Sizes: 35cm
Unit Price: 1.45USD/pieces
Min.Order: 500 pieces
Supply: 10000 pieces
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-02-02 20:19
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decorative water drop pendant lamp

water drop shape lamp

Light effect for LED water-drop shape lamp

Other product name: LED water drop lamp, decorative water drop pendant lamp

Product size: 35cm * 18cm

Product material: pet

Process: blow molding (similar to mineral water bottle)

Color: colorful

Working voltage of transformer: 110 ~ 230V, 60W

Bulb working voltage: 12V

Power of each bulb: 2W

Light source: chip safety led

Applicable places: square, park, road, garden, lobby, indoor and outdoor, entertainment place

Note: This refers to a light bulb, excluding the transformer

<img src=http://www.gmtlight.com/skin/gmtlight/image/nopic.gif title="water drop shape lamp alt=""/>

Appearance for LED water-drop shape lamp

Working voltage of transformer: 110 ~ 230V, 60W(should be done quotation seperately)

One transformer for 10pcs of bulbs.

Gmtlight comments on LED water drop shape lamp:

Colorful, large color, traditional bulb shape, water drop shape, "large size" and "high brightness" are the key words of this product. The material is pet safe recyclable material. Energy saving and environmental protection.