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Rainproof Portable Hanging High-Voltage Mosquito Killer

Item: LUL-026
Material: ABS
Size: 27.5*13CM
Unit Price: 3.17USD/pieces
Min.Order: 500 pieces
Supply: 1000 pieces
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-02-06 17:21
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Rainproof Portable Hanging High-Voltage Mosquito Killer

High efficiency mosquito killing lamp, 360 degree light transmission structure, more efficient physical killing.

Features: double sided mosquito control, 365nm light wave, zero radiation, energy saving and power saving

Product Name: solar portable mosquito lamp

Light source: white LED / UA light LED

Battery: 600mah NiMH battery

Light color: white light / blue light mosquito control

Lighting time: charging about 8 hours

Charging time: turn on the switch, direct sunlight for 6-8 hours

Control mode: intelligent light control / main switch

Solar panel: 4V / 80mA polysilicon solar panel

Material: ABS

Waterproof grade: IP65

Accessories: lamp head + ground point

Charging mode: solar charging

1. metal lifting ring

The hook can be retracted and put, which is convenient for carrying and hanging the lamp

2. Solar panel

Polycrystalline silicon solar panel, only need to turn on the switch, solar charging in the daytime, automatic lighting in the dark at night, intelligent light control induction.

3. Double control switch

The middle off gear is off, the UV gear is mosquito killing, and the light gear is white lighting.

4. Built in rechargeable battery

Built in 600mah NiMH battery, can be continuously charged, long life, stable performance, can replace the battery.

5. Double protective fence

Double layer protective fence can effectively protect fingers from touching the power grid. High quality material, strong and durable, anti falling.

Dual mode lighting / mosquito control

The LED of the machine is divided into lighting mode and mosquito killing mode. The lighting mode is white light source, and the mosquito killing mode is blue mosquito trapping light source.

Mosquito control mode. UVA blue violet light

Lighting mode, white light decorative lighting

Multi function, multi scenario application

Scientific design, suitable for a variety of harsh scenes, outdoor commercial can be.

ABS plastic outdoor rain proof

Physical mosquito control is non-toxic and odorless

Intelligent light control, no need to watch

Automatic startup in the evening, automatic shutdown in the morning without care, humanized design

Noise free, electric shock type mosquito killing, creating a worry free and quiet sleep

Five mosquito control technologies: comprehensive mosquito attraction, mosquito light wave, ABS material, no noise, energy conservation and environmental protection

UVA band, light source technology trapping

Energy saving and environmental protection, long service life, safe and non heating during use

High voltage

The built-in high-voltage transformer generates 800-1500v voltage, adsorbs nearby mosquitoes and kills the output current less than 10mA, which is harmless to human body and animals.

Solar charging

Clean and sanitary, easy to use, environmental protection and health

Solar panel, energy saving and environmental protection (fully charged in 6-8 hours)