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High Quality fashion Colorful Battery Powered LED Cold lights

Item: LSM-02
Color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, White, Light green, Ice Blue
Size: 4m * 1 and 1.8m * 1
Unit Price: 5.04USD/sets
Min.Order: 500 sets
Supply: 1000 sets
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-02-10 14:57
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High Quality fashion Colorful Battery Powered LED Cold lights

Product features: easy to use, portable, various luminous colors, very fashionable, quite attractive to young people, more interesting life, widely used in discos, bars, entertainment places and holiday celebrations, increasing the atmosphere of the festival.

Battery: AA battery (can be equipped according to the length of optical fiber)

Switch: hand hold (easy control) (normally on / off)

Accessories: extension wire 1m * 2; parallel wire 1 in 2;

Light wire (light wire): 4m * 1 and 1.8m * 1

EL Wire Color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, White, Light green, Ice Blue

The above is a common configuration and can be extended.

Energy saving and environmental-friendly.

Great for car decoration, night clubs, parties, dark hallways, almost wherever you can imagine.

You can also use it around the spokes of your bike tires, your wrists, even your pet's collar for extra protection in the evening.

Flexible and water resistant, can be bent into any shapes and cut into any length.

Main Application Of EL Wire :

4 electronic flash toys, flash blue glasses, pet belt, backpacks, hats, handbags, clothing, shoes, bicycles decorations, mobile phone to lightning belt, luminous hand ring (collar) and some other luminous toy craft gift!

5 ads make font, product hook painting, decorative curtain, curtain decoration, building internal and external lighting decoration floor landscape, stage and bar.

3 the Christmas tree decorations, Christmas CARDS, Christmas gifts, holiday gifts.

2 transparent computer chassis internal and external decoration, cable winding, mouse, keyboard.

1 car seat cushion, seat cover, steering wheel cover, peach wooden decoration decoration, car decoration, car interior, instrument box pendulum pendant.

• Battery controller 4 modes: Continuous on/strobe/blink and off, can easily switch mode by pressing the button and so easy to decorations

• EL wire come in all different sizes, colors and lengths, So you can really enjoy a different life here and make whatever you can imagine!

• Add cool, flexible light anywhere with our EL wire ready Kits. Ready for design, ready for illumination, ready for fun! Simply add AA batteries then plug and play.