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LED Swing Ball

Item: BCB-008
Material: vinyl, LED lights
Size: diameter 7cm, rope length 48cm
Unit Price: 1.68USD/pieces
Min.Order: 1000 pieces
Supply: 10000 pieces
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Address: China
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-02-16 10:26
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LED Swing Ball

The main body of the LED Swing Ball is a vinyl material, the light-emitting part is transparent ABS material, the keys are composed of electronic keys (copper material, processed by automatic lathes) and plastic keys. It can be made into a swing ball with a rope. When it is shaken, various apertures will appear, which has an unexpected effect.

Concert props, bar night supplies, Christmas and Halloween supplies, wedding performances, children's toys, souvenirs and other atmosphere choices.

Detailed description

Product name: LED Swing Ball

Size: diameter 7cm, rope length 48cm

Product color: white.

LED color: red, blue, green, colorful.

Product materials: vinyl, LED lights, 2 CR1632 button batteries, button switches.

Product packaging: 1pc / white box: 240pcs / carton; 49.5 * 41.9 * 66cm; 90g / pcs (including white box); 19 / carton; 20.1KG / carton

Push-button switch function: flashing mode: 1 red on, red off; 2 blue on, blue off; 3 green on, green off; 4 red and blue on, red and blue off; 5 blue and green 2 on and blue 2 green colors are off; 6 red green colors are on; red and green 2 colors are off; 7 red, blue, and green 3 colors are on, red blue, green, and 3 colors are off; 8 red, blue, and green 3 colors alternately flash, and red, blue, and green colors are off; 9 The red, blue, and green colors flash slowly slowly, and the red, blue, and green colors are turned off. Press again to restart the above cycle flashing mode (the above is the conventional flashing mode)

LED lamp beads

There are 1 high-brightness LED lights, featuring low energy consumption and long life.


One switch control, simple operation and vibration induction.

Fitness, entertainment

One key control, simple and convenient operation.

Quality environmental protection materials

The ball is made of silicone material, which is easy to wear and has good transparency.

multiple uses

Can be used for concerts and annual meetings. Fitness bar and other activities.


The lamp beads are durable, emit light well, and have good endurance.

Since the birth of the ROTOCAST machine in Germany in 1924 and the successful creation of a toy "chocolate rabbit", the unique molding power of the vinyl is bound to bring endless new visual experience to this world. With the popularity and popularity of a series of representative works, vinyl has added beautiful and colorful colors to the traditional entertainment industry. Glowing ball is a vinyl toy, it is a popular toy that can bring infinite vitality.