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EL cold light can be sewed on clothe like this。

diy your cold light clothe

you can do a "DIY"

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EL cold light can be divided into: light-emitting line, light tracing line, D-shaped line, single side line, etc;

EL cold light line, with non heating, waterproof, can be arbitrarily bent into various shapes or graphics.

Cold light performance clothes are rich in luminous colors, including red, green, blue, yellow, purple, orange, transparent, pink, orange, white, etc.

The main wire diameter specifications of cold light are (unit: mm) ф 0.9, ф 1.3, ф 2.3, ф 3.2, ф 4.3 and ф 5.0.

Cold light line is a high-tech product that provides 360 degree segment light source. Its bright and soft light, no radiation, provides a variety of new products for design, practical, safe, power saving the latest choice.

The cold light line has the advantages that other line light sources can't compare:

1. It can be bent, pasted or hung, and can be made into any figure. The length can be cut and installed easily and conveniently;

2. Very low power consumption (97% of cold light source and electric energy are converted into light energy without heat loss);

3. No UV, soft light, basic principle of green environmental protection product el (electric luminescence) is a kind of physical phenomenon that the electric field is generated by the power supply added to two electrodes, and the electrons excited by the electric field touch the light-emitting center, which causes the transition, change and combination of the electronic energy levels to cause the light-emitting, that is, the phenomenon of electroluminescence.

diy your cold light clothe




冷光线表演服的发光颜色丰富,有红、绿、蓝、  黄、紫、橙、透明、粉红、桔黄、白光等。