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Champagne is indispensable for grand celebrations. Of course, what kind of Champagne Cup is also very particular.

The history of champagne vineyards can be traced back to the beginning of A.D. in the 17th century, with the gradual mastery of the secondary fermentation technology in bottles, champagne entered the aristocratic class. By the end of the 17th century, champagne producers had replaced barrels with bottles in the transport of wine in order to completely maintain the quality and characteristics of champagne. When the bubbles and bubbles in the bottle rose in the glass, champagne became famous, becoming the favorite of Regent palace, Louis fifteen and Mrs. Ponbadu. During the period of Louis XV and Louis XVI, the wine industry flourished, and the reputation of champagne wine spread all over France and abroad. Drinking sparkling wine became fashionable. Because Europe in the 18th century followed the French trend, champagne became an indispensable drink for festivals and dinners, and its reputation has continued to this day.

When the bottle sprays open, good things come naturally.

Champagne has one thing in common: the right acidity not only guarantees the freshness of the wine, but also has a good aging potential. Bubbles are the identity of champagne, which will continue in young wines. As the wine ages, bubbles will decrease, but become more delicate and dense. It has mellow, elegant, graceful and harmonious fruit aroma, and has a fresh, pleasant and refreshing taste.

On April 11, 2013, the former General Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection approved the implementation of the protection of geographical indications for "champagne".