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Standard name of luminous stone: high brightness luminous stone

How to pack the luminous stone? : luminous stone 100 / bag luminous shell 80 / bag

What is the specification of the luminous stone?

Size of luminous stone: about 2-3cm

Luminous stone weight: about 2-2.1g

Common sense of luminous stone:

Many customers think that the luminous stone is made to shine in the sun all the time in the daytime, and then it will shine all the time in the evening! Don't think so, the so-called luminous doesn't mean that it must be lit at night, and it can also be lit in the daytime, but in the dark, the luminous stone can also show its luminous effect in the environment with few light sources, of course, the darker the effect is, the better! Just let them absorb the light source (sunlight, fluorescent lamp, outdoor natural light), but the environment must have a contrast of light and shade!! Then with the passage of time, the effect of the night light will gradually fade away. The night light is short, not long, but it can be absorbed repeatedly. Of course, the longer the light is absorbed, the longer the night light lasts.

Composition of luminous stone:

Rare earth long afterglow luminous powder + polystyrene resin; this product is exported to Europe and the United States, using new high-end brand raw materials production, safety and environmental protection.

What are the uses of luminous stone?

The products are mainly used for home decoration, children's toys, aquarium decoration, gardening decoration, swimming pool decoration, bar decoration and so on.

What is the luminous principle of luminous stone? After being stimulated by visible light such as sunlight and light, the product absorbs and stores energy, and can naturally light in dark for a long time. The product repeatedly absorbs light and has a life span of more than 15 years.