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[product name] led seven color luminous cup

[product material] environmental PS plastic

[product size] height 15cm, diameter 8.5cm, bottom diameter 6.2cm

[cup capacity] 500ml

[unit weight] 97.5g 146.6g (including white box)

[working power supply] the bottom three LEDs (red light, blue light, green light) can light continuously for 20 hours

[product packaging] single white box packaging

[packing quantity] 72 / box

[number of outer boxes] 58 * 58 * 34cm

[net weight and gross weight] 10.6kg/11.6kg

[product use] widely used in bars, discos, restaurants, wedding parties, leisure and entertainment, gifts from friends, etc

[scope of application] bars, KTV halls, specialty restaurants, leisure, parties, appointments, gifts from friends, etc!

[working power supply] three AG13 button batteries, replaceable, can last for 30 hours

led flashing glass led flash cup luminous cup