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Nowadays, there are many kinds of performances of various sizes. The performing units or individuals hold literary and artistic performances at a specific time and in a specific environment to perform as well as possible in front of the audience such as opera, dance, quyi and acrobatics. In detail, it is the process that actors present stage artworks to the audience through a certain form of artistic performance and special artistic effects of costume props, dance beauty, lighting and sound. In the whole process, the stage background is indispensable. Led net lamp is a good choice for stage background arrangement, with affordable price and good quantitative effect

现在的各种大小型演出很多,演出单位或个人在特定的时间特定的环境下所举办的文艺表演活动,把戏曲、舞蹈、曲艺、杂技等才艺在观众面前尽可能好的表演出来。详细地说就是演员通过某种艺术表演形式和服装道具、舞美、灯光、音响的特殊艺术效果,现场把舞台艺术品展现给观众的过程。整个过程里,舞台背景不可少. LED网灯是布置舞台背景的很好选择,价格实惠,量化效果好.