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Product Name: liquid inductive luminous led ice cube

Product model: gmtic-01

Product size: 27 × 27 × 25mm

Product material: PS

Built in batteries: 3 Ag3

Duration: 12 hours

Product origin: China

Product material through CE, ROHS, lfgb, FDA, waterproof level 7 or above, contact with stainless steel, no rust, no leakage, no mold.

Product Description: water immersion LED light-emitting ice, the body into water or ice will automatically light, without manual switch, can be placed in a transparent container to add romantic and mysterious atmosphere. It is widely used in various festive activities, hotels, bars and other places,

Invisible to create a soft, charming romantic atmosphere.

Led options: red, yellow, blue, green, white, pink, colorful, etc