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AAA battery or rechargeable human body induction lamp

60 degree rotating human body induction lamp, flexible and free;

The human body induction lamp can change the direction of illumination, and can choose the front or back light, as well as the constant light + induction mode.

The lamp body and the base can be separated, the magnetic absorption design, the lighting part of the lamp body can be picked up and used independently, which is suitable for various occasions inside and outside the house.

We call him a 360-degree induction lamp.

Standard USB Input Charging

Product Material: ABS+PC+Electronic Components

Rated voltage: DC5V/4.5V

Product size: 90*90*63MM

Working current: 100-300 mA

Rated power: 0.7W effect

Single Gross Weight/Net Weight: 150 g/140 g Battery (User's Self-Distribution Battery)

Or charge 165g/155g

Pass FCC CE ROSH Security Detection and Authentication

Functions: Night lamp, induction lamp, night lamp, atmosphere lamp, camping lamp.

Product Standard: Night light, USB cable (for charging), double-sided glue

human body induction lamp

Front or Back light up effect, USER can change it by switch easily,AAA battery or rechargeable human body induction lamp is designed for ones who are ready to fact good life.

human body induction lamp

Positive induction and not all direction and distance should be within 5meters. If there is secret in night for you, be care of using it, Haha. Otherwise, some one will see you then.

human body induction lamp

Human body induction lamp is using Magnet connection, easy to use

human body induction lamp

The human body induction lamp can be used as normal hand lamp, it's conventinient for night camping.

It's a gift for company or some activity.

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