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Luminous pebble luminous pebble

[product name]: highlight luminous stone

[package]: luminous stone 100 / bag luminous shell 80 / bag

[Specification]: luminous stone size: about 2-3cm

Luminous shell: about 2.5-3.5cm

Luminous stone weight: about 2-2.1g

You must read before buying the luminous stone:

Does the luminous stone let it bask in the sun all the time during the day, and then shine all the time at night? Wrong!

The night light does not mean that it must be bright at night. It can still be bright in the daytime, but it can be observed in the dark!

Just let them absorb the light source (sunlight, fluorescent lamp, outdoor natural light), but the environment must have the contrast of light and shade!! Then with the passage of time, the effect of the night light will gradually fade away. The night light is short, not long, but it can be absorbed repeatedly.

The longer the light is absorbed, the longer the night light lasts.