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What services does TUV provide?

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Note: What services does TUV provide?Many Chinese exports need TUV testing, and their testing reports are authoritative and re

What services does TUV provide?

What services does TUV provide?

"Many Chinese exports need TUV testing, and their testing reports are authoritative and recognized by most developed countries," said Mr. Niu of gmtlight.

If you want to sell your goods to Europe, TUV test is necessary to be done, this can help you succeed in market.

TUV means the German Association for Technical Supervision. The history of TUV dates back to the German Steam Boiler Supervisory Association established in 1872, which mainly provides safety protection for production equipment. This organization is the predecessor of TUV in Germany. In 1877, 80 steam boiler inspectors jointly established DUV; in 1900, DUV was responsible for testing the first car and supervising the driving licence examination; in 1918, DUV business expanded to the mineral and energy fields; and in 1936, DUV was renamed TUV. TUV logo is a safety certification logo customized by German TUV for component products, which has been widely recognized in the world. In the process of the whole machine certification, all the components with TUV mark can be exempted from inspection.

TUV Rheinland T Rheinland is a merger of technical supervision associations in Rheinland-Pfaltz, Brandenburg and Berlin. Its headquarters is in Cologne, Germany. It is also a well-known global third-party certification and technical service company. TUV German Rhine Group has nearly 16,000 employees worldwide. It strives to provide about 2,500 services in 65 regions of the world, focusing on 39 areas, covering six service areas: industrial services, transportation services, product services, Life Sciences services, education and consulting services, and management system services.

Industrial Services: Civil Engineering, Consulting and Management of Industrial and Construction Projects, Electronic Engineering and Construction Technology, Lifting and Transportation Machinery Technology, Energy and Environmental Protection, Factory Safety, Pressure Equipment and Materials Engineering

Traffic Services: Aerospace Technology, Vehicle Service and Assessment, Driving License, Track System Safety, Vehicle Product Type Certification, Traffic Remote Monitoring, Consulting and Logistics, Vehicle Annual Inspection, Vehicle Technology

Product Services: Commercial and Industrial Products, Electronic and Electrical Products, Energy, Light Industrial Products, Medical Devices, Trade and Retailer Services, Textiles, Toys and Chemistry

Management System Services: Corporate Social Responsibility (TUV Rheinland STAR*, SA 8000), Energy Efficiency (DIN 16001), Environmental Management (ISO 14001), Integrated Management System of Green Information Technology (ISO27001), Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001), Quality Management (ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, EN 9100 ff.)

Education and Consulting Services: Business Consulting, Customized Primary and On-the-job Training for Customers, Modern Personnel Management, Human Qualification Certification, Professional Information

What services does TUV provide?

Life Science Services: Food Services, Medical Center Services, Occupational Health Management, Occupational Medicine, Occupational Safety Management, Work Safety, Office Safety, Employee Psychosocial Consultation, TEOX online Occupational Health and Safety, TOGs Harmful Substances Management

"Such a rich service content tells us that TUV is providing business checkpoints for global products and services, which many Germans do rigorously." Mr. Niu of gmtlight said.

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