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Nutritional value of Morchella

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Note: Nutritional value of Morchella[gmtlight]Morchella is a precious wild edible fungus. It is named for its uneven cap, which looks like Morchella.The growth period of Morchella is the end of spring and t

Nutritional value of Morchella[gmtlight]

Morchella is a precious wild edible fungus. It is named for its uneven cap, which looks like Morchella.

The growth period of Morchella is the end of spring and the beginning of autumn. Morchella is rich in high protein and high nutritional value. It can be used as medicine to treat food accumulation and qi stagnation. It is a well-known rare fungus for both food and medicine in the world. It has the reputation of "soft gold" and "meat in vegetable". Morchella has unique flavor and rich nutrition. It can stew chicken, stewed ribs, steamed eggs and so on. It can be said that everything can be built.

The value of Morchella is very high, mainly because of its scarcity. Wild Morchella can not be met, which is far from meeting the expanding market demand, especially in Europe. For example, Morchella is a common high-end food material in French cuisine.

When the market is scarce and stable, the market value is unparalleled.

1. Benefit the intestines and stomach and strengthen the body

Morchella is beneficial to intestines and stomach, digestion, resolving phlegm and regulating qi, tonifying kidney and Yang, tonifying brain and refreshing. It is used for indigestion, phlegm and shortness of breath. In addition, it also has the effects of strengthening the body, preventing colds and enhancing human immunity.

2. Tonifying the kidney and refreshing

Morchella has the functions of Tonifying the kidney, strengthening yang, tonifying the brain and refreshing. It can significantly improve the loss of sperm and kidney, impotence, sexual dysfunction and frigidity of sexual desire. Some data show that Morchella contains natural drug ingredient "hormone" and a large amount of arginine, which can promote men's sexual desire.

3. Antitumor and antiviral

Morchella esculenta contains tumor inhibiting polysaccharides and antibacterial and antiviral active components. It has many functions, such as enhancing immunity, anti fatigue, anti-virus, tumor inhibition and so on. Long term consumption can prevent cancer, fight cancer, inhibit tumor, prevent cold and increase human immunity.

4. Inhibit lipofuscin formation

Japanese scientists found that the extract of Morchella contains tyrosinase inhibitors, which can effectively inhibit the formation of lipofuscin.

5. Beauty and weight loss

Morchella is also effective in weight loss and beauty, especially for women. Regular consumption of Morchella can not only beautify and whiten, but also eliminate facial black spots, yellow spots, freckles and acne, but also keep the skin delicate, white and smooth for a long time.

6. Improve sleep quality

Morchella has good effects on eliminating anxiety and enhancing sleep quality, so Morchella is suitable for men, women, young and old.

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