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What is carbon peak? What is carbon neutralization?

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Note: What is carbon peak?Carbon peak, as the name suggests, is carbon emission reaches the peak. Carbon peak refers to the process that the annual carbon dioxide emission of a region or industry reaches th

What is carbon peak?

"Carbon peak", as the name suggests, is "carbon emission reaches the peak". Carbon peak "refers to the process that the annual carbon dioxide emission of a region or industry reaches the highest value in history, and then enters the continuous decline through the platform period. It is the historical inflection point of carbon dioxide emission from increase to decrease, that is, the apex of the" parabola ".

What is carbon neutralization?

"Carbon neutralization" is "zero emission", which means that the carbon dioxide directly and indirectly emitted by human activities in a certain area within a certain period of time offsets the carbon dioxide absorbed by afforestation, so as to achieve net zero emission of carbon dioxide.

Circular economy and sustainability are becoming more and more urgent. Circular economy can help enterprises save energy, save cost and protect the environment. It can achieve carbon peak and carbon neutralization.

Circular economy refers to a system in which resources can be redeployed or utilized, and waste logistics can be transformed into inputs for further production. This movement process is driven by rapid urbanization, climate change, technological progress and the growing demand for limited natural resources.

Globally, the benefits of circular economy and improved sustainability include material optimization, new and innovative revenue streams, enhanced stakeholder relations and brand reputation, and risk reduction.

According to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on climate change (IPCC) According to the report, if the temperature rise does not exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius, the world will achieve carbon neutralization around 2050; if it does not exceed 2 degrees Celsius, the world will achieve carbon neutralization around 2070. Carbon neutralization has become an important reference for countries to formulate independent contribution goals in the middle of this century. In recent years, more and more frequent global natural disasters show that the time window for global response to climate change is rapidly changing Narrow.

China will enhance its national independent contribution to carbon neutralization, adopt more effective policies and measures, and strive to peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutralization by 2060. At the subsequent climate ambition summit, China announced a more specific goal: by 2030, carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP will be reduced by more than 65% compared with 2005, The proportion of non fossil energy in primary energy consumption will reach about 25%, the forest reserve will increase by 6 billion cubic meters over 2005, and the total installed capacity of wind power and solar power will reach more than 1.2 billion kilowatts.


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