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Slingshot: a traditional shooting "weapon"

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Note: Slingshot: a traditional shooting weapon,do you know?Slingshot is a cold weapon or game tool. Traditional slingshots are generally made of branches of trees, in a Y shape, with rubber bands at the up

slingshot: a traditional shooting "weapon",do you know?

Slingshot is a cold weapon or game tool. Traditional slingshots are generally made of branches of trees, in a "Y" shape, with rubber bands at the upper two ends and a piece of skin wrapped with bullets at the middle of the rubber band. The power depends on the tension of the rubber band. The greater the tension of the rubber band, the greater the power of the slingshot. The catapult belongs to a long-range weapon that uses a bow to shoot projectiles. In ancient times, catapults were mostly used for hunting.


In ancient China, slingshots were also weapons. The principle of the catapult is the same as that of arrow. They all use the ejection force to launch, but the catapult uses bullets, while the bow and arrow uses arrows.

In ancient legends, there are descriptions of catapults in Journey West and Fengshen Story.

The slingshot, whether aimed or estimated, is generally used in the way of static firing with a full bow. For beginners, this can better control the accuracy of strength, rather than pulling and firing. Of course, if you are proficient to a certain extent, pulling and firing can also ensure the hit rate.

What are the precautions for playing slingshot?

1、 The poor accuracy of Slingshot is a natural defect. The accuracy of a slingshot can never be compared with that of a gun. The accuracy depends largely on the way the archer pulls the bow, the stability of holding the bow, the judgment of the target distance (the judgment of the tracing point), the type of projectile and the proficiency. This is similar to the skill of archery. Factors such as personal experience account for the majority of the reasons affecting accuracy, but are not greatly affected by the environment. After all, the range of Slingshot is generally only tens of meters, and the entertainment range is 5 ~ 15 meters. Some skilled and professional slingshot players like to challenge the shooting distance of 20 ~ 40 meters or even 100 meters. At this time, the wind direction and speed should be taken into account. Therefore, low accuracy or instability is the permanent disadvantage of slingshot.


2、 Aim flexibly and accumulate more experience. The catapult, which is simple in structure, uses the body pull alone as the power source and is directly contacted by the human body. When shooting, remember not to rely solely on your eyes to see the target for positioning. During practice, you should learn to constantly correct the aiming point and judge the size and distance of the target by combining observation with experience. Since the human pulling force cannot be consistent every time, try to keep the posture stable every time you shoot. The position of the leather bag near the point is consistent with the bow opening distance, and then correct the body posture according to the height of the target position. Before shooting, remember a certain position of the target relative to the bow (that is, the aiming point), and then release the leather bag on a crisp ground. The action is done at one go, Finish shooting. Then judge the impact point of the projectile and correct the deviation. This is much more practice. The best effect is to hit the target stably and probably. When you train the accuracy into the muscles, even the moving target can open the bow and shoot immediately, and the shot will hit the target. This is the real Kung Fu of the so-called "combination of man and bow. As long as you can see the position of the target, you can hit the catapult and aim with your mind (experience). Therefore, only by adhering to the correct practice methods, mastering the basic skills of slingshot, making flexible judgment and accumulating experience, can the probability of hitting small targets from a long distance be improved.


3、 You can't just tighten the rubber band. There is a limit to the tensile force of the rubber band. We all know that the tighter the rubber band is pulled, the greater the tensile force, the greater the strength of hitting the target and the initial speed of the projectile. However, maintaining excessive tensile force for a long time will reduce the contraction speed of the rubber band, weaken the initial speed and strength of the projectile launch, and shorten the service life of the rubber band. Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate length of the rubber band. When the tension of the rubber band is appropriate, use the muscle force to coordinate the push and pull of the slingshot forward and backward, and use the bending energy storage of the front arm and wrist to achieve the effect of "pull and send" and the effect of whipping force when firing, so as to maximize the strength.

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