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"birth citizenship" is is an unrealistic policy

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Note: It is well known that newborns born in the United States have always been able to acquire U.S. citizenship.birth citizen

It is well known that newborns born in the United States have always been able to acquire U.S. citizenship."birth citizenship" is is an unrealistic policy.

birth citizenship

"In the 1990s, a colleague spent a lot of money to give birth to a child in the United States because he was facing a fine for overbirth. I calculated that even if a child was born in China, the penalty for violating the family planning policy was far less than 5% of the cost of going to the United States, besides the fact that the child was born in China to eat, drink and receive Chinese education. Enjoy China's welfare. "Mr. Niu of gmtlight said.

"I think Trump's recent abolition of citizen's right to birth is correct. It's an asshole policy in itself. Babies are Americans and parents are foreigners, which is very impractical. Mr. Niu of gmtlight said.

Is it going to be history to realize the American Dream? In my opinion, this is also the need for fairness and freedom, which is inevitable.

Two days ago, U.S. President Trump said he was seriously considering abolishing "birth citizenship."

Outside the White House, he told reporters:

"We are seriously studying birth citizenship. You cross the border and have a child on our soil. Congratulations, this child will become a citizen of the United States. Frankly, it's ridiculous."

Trump also said he would sign a presidential executive order to end the system that has been in force in the United States for more than 150 years.

once abolished, it would mean that even children born in the United States would not be able to acquire American citizenship if their parents were not American citizens or if their parents were illegal immigrants.

The actual impact of the policy is not only for those who have children in the United States, but also for those Chinese who have already lived in the United States and got green cards.

Because holding a green card only means having the right of abode in the United States, does not mean naturalization, and is also a "non-citizen" status.

Warning: once you have U.S. citizenship, it may not be so easy to change back to Chinese nationality. In prosperous China, the gold content of Chinese nationality will be higher and higher. It's easy to get American nationality, but it's hard to get Chinese nationality back. Advise those who have not yet gone to the United States to have children, be careful!

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