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Why does "Broken Arm Venus" have “broken arm”?

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Note: The broken arm Venus was not with broken arm, she was perfect. Mr Niu in Gmtlight said.The Louvre contains statues of Ve

"The broken arm Venus was not with broken arm, she was perfect." Mr Niu in gmtlight said.

Broken Arm Venus

The Louvre contains statues of Venus with Broken Arms, oil paintings of the Mona Lisa and stone carvings of the Goddess of Victory, which are known as the three treasures of the world. What we're talking about here is Broken Arm Venus.

"Broken Arm Venus" has become a well-known statue of the beautiful goddess of youth in the world. Marble carving, 204 cm high. Legend has it that Alexandros of ancient Greece carved from 150 BC to 50 BC. The statue was found in February 1820 near an ancient tomb on the Greek island of Milos in the Aegean Sea. It is a marble sculpture with incomplete arms. For half-naked body image, beautiful face, body symmetry, clothes sliding to the hip, the right arm is incomplete, still showing the unique curvilinear beauty of women, appear dignified and charming. After the purchase of heavy gold from France, it was displayed in the special exhibition room of the Louvre, which shocked the world with its unique charm. Since then, Venus Broken Arm has become famous in the world and a symbol of love and beauty.

Venus is the goddess of love and beauty in Roman mythology, and also a symbol of fertility. In ancient Greek mythology, it was called Aphrodite. Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty. Venus is called in Roman mythology. She is in charge of human love, marriage, reproduction and the growth and reproduction of all animals and plants. Born in the sea, it is famous for its beauty. Legend has it that she was born in the foam of the sea, and accompanied by three goddess of time and three goddess of mercy, came to Mount Olympus. The gods were attracted by her beautiful appearance and courted to her. Zeus, after being rejected, married her to the ugly and lame God of fire, Hephaestus, but she fell in love with Ares, the God of war, and gave birth to Eros, the little god of love. Later, he helped Prince Paris of Troy abduct Helen, the wife of Menelau, King of Sparta and the most beautiful woman in Greece. The ten-year war that led to the Greek expedition to Troy.

Why does "Broken Arm Venus" have “broken arm”?

It was quite accidental that Venus could be stored in the Louvre. In 1820, a farmer on the Greek Aegean island of Hermilo discovered a god of beauty while digging. The news came that a French warship was berthed in Port Milo. The captain arrived at the scene immediately after he learned the news and wanted to buy it, but he had no cash. As a result, Venus was bought by a Greek businessman and ready to be shipped to Constantinople. Seeing that the treasure was about to be lost, the French were unwilling to go ahead and stop it immediately. A scuffle broke out between the two sides, resulting in damage to the treasures and the broken arms of the statue. The dispute between the two sides was settled by the local authorities of Milo. The French bought the statue with money and contributed it to the King of France. In this way, "Venus" was transported to France and immediately caused a sensation.

Why does "Broken Arm Venus" have “broken arm”?  So the broken arm Venus was perfect.

The image of the goddess shows the typical characteristics of classical Greek women: an oval face, a straight nose, a full forehead, a slightly warped corner of the mouth, and a lubricated chin. The expression is dignified, quiet, dignified, slender, slightly curved left leg, showing the undulating rhythm of the curve. She is full and holy, gentle and simple, elegant and noble, full of the interest of youth and life, which is the unity of spirit and flesh, the harmony and harmony of love and beauty, the integration of God and human nature, constituting the cosmos of human beauty, and the idealized symbol of human pursuit of female beauty. French sculptor Rodin praised and said, "It's really a muscle, touching her can feel body temperature!"

"Beauty is everywhere and cannot be modified with words. If you are interested in the broken arm Venus, you can go and see it. I've been there three times." Mr Niu in gmtlight said.

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