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What will the popularity of mobile payment affect?

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Note: What industries will the popularity of mobile payment affect?In China, mobile payment is mainly Alipay, WeChat payment, mobile banking and so on. For consumers, we can scan two-dimensional codes directly in stores and pa

What industries will the popularity of mobile payment affect?
mobile payment

In China, mobile payment is mainly Alipay, WeChat payment, mobile banking and so on. For consumers, we can scan two-dimensional codes directly in stores and pay easily. No cash, no change, no credit card signature. It saves us a lot of time and avoids the trouble caused by counterfeit currency. Through the rapid transfer of mobile payment, we can easily realize the payment of living expenses, ticket purchase, mobile phone recharge and so on. We can really do all kinds of business without leaving home.
At the same time, mobile payment greatly facilitates business. Mobile payment is very convenient, low handling fees, expanding the profitability of businesses;

mobile payment

Mobile payment will have a revolutionary impact on ATM manufacturers.
Mobile payment has built a bridge between buyers and sellers, and brought great convenience to the lives of consumers and consumers. However, the rise of mobile payment will also have an impact on many other industries. For example, for ATM manufacturers, mobile payment objectively replaces cash transactions, while the main function of ATM is to provide cash, inquiries, transfers, which can be completed at any time and anywhere on the mobile phone. Therefore, the development of mobile payment has a great impact on ATM and other related industries. In the long run, people's demand for ATM machines will still decrease. Relevant equipment manufacturers should diversify their layout and transform to smart devices.
Mobile payment also has an impact on card manufacturers, and more virtual cards will appear. Unlike ATM manufacturers, current card sales are still growing, and the development of mobile payment is only a potential crisis for card manufacturing industry, which has not yet emerged. However, card manufacturers should take precautions against danger and actively seek countermeasures.
The impact of mobile payment on commercial banks is far beyond your imagination.  Need so many banks?
Most bank practitioners have not yet realized the impact of mobile payment, and even think that the ATM machine will reduce the cost of operation and maintenance of the bank, and improve the quality of profits of the bank. However, the matter is far from simple. Under the impact of the three party payment platform such as Alipay and WeChat, the number of commercial banks declined sharply. At present, mobile payment can really pay at any time, anywhere, in any way. It can not only solve the problem of small payment, but also solve the problem of large payment, instead of cash and check functions. It can also derive the function of alternative credit cards, and even many businesses can bypass banks.
Because of the high efficiency and low service cost of the third party platform, it is more popular with the public, which has a great impact on the business of banks.
Banks and third-party platforms have many overlapping businesses, including settlement business, payment business, retail business, transfer business, deposit and loan business and financial management business, which are also the main source of income for banks. The friction between the two sides on many issues such as market space and interest distribution has gradually broken the original balanced cooperation environment, and the competition between the two is becoming more and more fierce, which has brought more and more impact to commercial banks.
Generally speaking, if you are traditional, facing the Internet will be devastating, embracing the Internet technology as soon as possible is the only way out, otherwise you may be out. The future of traditional banks is hard to say. Mr Niu,gmtlight.

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