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China Chip Makes the first 5G integrated chip in the world~Kirin 9905G

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Note: After the restrictions imposed by the United States on chips exported to China, the RD and industrialization of China Ch

After the restrictions imposed by the United States on chips exported to China, the R&D and industrialization of "China Chip" has entered a fast running stage. 

In order to satisfy users'endless pursuit of performance, China Chip sent good news again yesterday. After three years of preparation and two years of research and development, Huawei has launched a number of indicators of the world's leading Kirin 9905G integrated chip. The Kirin 990 chip launched by Huawei has integrated 5G baseband into the world's first 5G integrated chip.

It is understood that this month, Apple's new machine is expected to sell 113 or 4G chips, as for the high expectations of Qualcomm 5G integrated chip Qianlong 865 may not be produced until early next year.

Kirin 9905G is also the world's first to support 5G dual card, one card 5G Internet access when another card can still talk. It is also the smallest 5G mobile phone chip in the industry, using the industry's most advanced extreme ultraviolet lithography technology, with the world's fastest 2.3Gbps peak download rate and 1.25Gbps upstream peak rate. This month, Huawei Mate 30 with built-in Kirin 9905G will be officially released, and Kirin 9905G will also be commercially available.

In hardware, Kirin 9905G has the strongest CPU in history. It uses two large chips, two middle chips and four small chips, taking into account both performance and efficiency. On the chip architecture that demonstrates soft power, Kirin 990 carries Leonardo Da Vinci architecture and achieves industry-leading AI computing power.

It is generally believed that PC has strong performance, but Academician Ai Wei of Huawei said that at present, there is no IC processing capacity of a PC processor chip that can reach the level of Kirin 9905G. Through the Da Vinci architecture, Kirin 9905G can use large chip and small chip processors to accomplish different tasks. The advantage of small chip is extremely low power consumption, which can reduce the heating problem of 5G mobile phones. For example, the big chip can handle video and games, and the small chip can recognize faces, avoiding the problem of “the big horse for small trolley”.

Using the world's leading chip technology

based on the 7-nanometer technology, Kirin 9905G has become the first mobile terminal chip with more than 10 billion transistors in the world. Kirin 980 chips shocked the world by installing 6.9 billion transistors in less than a square centimeter. This time, the 990 dropped 10.3 billion transistors in almost the same size. How on earth did this work?

"990 uses the industry's most advanced extreme ultraviolet lithography technology, technological progress allows Huawei to make transistors smaller and smaller, and the interconnection between tubes is becoming thinner and thinner." "Huawei is crafting every chip like a handicraft," Aiwei said.

Behind the less than one square centimeter chip, Huawei has gone through three years of preparation and two years of research and development, as well as continuous research and development by at least 3,000 engineers. "Huawei, the next generation of chips, is already in the process of intensive research and development, and you can see it as soon as next year." Ai Wei told reporters.

However, the most advanced technology also means the most difficult technical challenges. In 2015, Huawei will face the crossroads of process choice, which is the decisive moment for Huawei to go high-end or low-end in the future. "Every chip product replacement will encounter tremendous challenges in engineering technology, we can really come across the feeling of nine lives." Ai Wei said.

Kirin 950 chose the most advanced 16-nanometer process for the first time in the world in 2015. It is also from 950 that Kirin chips stand at the forefront of process selection for the first time in the industry. Subsequently, Kirin 970 and Kirin 980 achieved the world's first commercial use of 10 and 7 nanometers, respectively.

A cumulative investment of US$1 billion in research and development of 5G chips

"There is no problem with Kirin 9905G mobile phone." Huawei Haisi brand director Lin Jiangyan said. She explained that Kirin 9905G had been specially optimized for high-speed mobile and weak signal scenarios. Even at 120 kilometers per hour, Kirin 9905G has better speed and higher downlink speed because of the channel model matching technology based on machine learning. These functions are especially necessary in the case of poor signal coverage in the early 5G era.

"China chips is also the world chip, Huawei Kirin 9905G integrated chip is also good news for consumers, consumers can better experience the benefits of 5G." Mr. Niu, gmtlight.

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