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Musikverein:Not all the musicians who enter the golden hall are high-level.

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Note: Musikverein,The golden hall if in Chinese, in this article, we call it Golden Hall. It's known as the Vienna Music

Musikverein,The golden hall if in Chinese, in this article, we call it "Golden Hall". It's known as the Vienna Music Association Golden Hall, also known as the Golden Hall, Vienna Philharmonic Hall. This is Vienna's oldest and most modern concert hall, Vienna is also one of the world's famous concert halls. The golden hall is one of the “highest” halls for musicians.


Many musicians dream of performing in Vienna's Golden Hall. It should be emphasized that only the performances invited by the government can represent the artistic level of the performers. Like our overseas students,  some returned with knowledge, some returned with years of mixing in a pheasant university, and the results were different.

The golden hall is available for rent. The basic rent is 230,000 euros. This is also a platform for some musicians to hype themselves.


Tan Lihua, head of the Beijing Symphony Orchestra, pointed out during a discussion of the CPPCC Literature and Art Group that a large number of Chinese performing teams had spent money on "gilding" in the golden hall; I think that these people were rich in money; they earned money very easy when they returned to China for a performance;

Li Kexin, Cultural Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Austria, said: "In the first eight months of this year alone, 133 groups appeared on the stage in the Golden Hall... Vienna's audience and media did not pay attention to it." It also reflects the level of performance and the artistic level of the actors is not high.

Strictly speaking, concerts in the Golden Hall are either officially invited or rented as long as they are not hosted by the Vienna Association of Friends of Music.


But we can't simply equate rental hall for “gold plating”. Whether or not “gold plating” should be judged according to artistic level. That means, Not all the musicians who enter the golden hall are high-level. Even if a high-level musician does not enter the golden hall, he is also in the hearts of the audience.

Golden Hall Official Invitation

The first Golden Hall officially invited pianist Lang Lang to conduct Zubin Meita with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra on June 15, 2005 (which is also the premiere of Lang Lang Golden Hall).

The second Golden Hall officially invited pianist Li Yundi to conduct Fabio Louis in cooperation with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra on October 18, 2006.

Official Invitation of Non-Golden Hall

May 28, 1952, China Youth Arts and Works Corps

The First Unofficial Invitation to the Golden Hall Music Group: Central National Orchestra, 27 January 1998 (Invited by Wu's Company)

The First Chinese Pianist: Li Yundi, 25 November 2001 (invited by Wu's Company)

The First Chinese Singer to Start Singing: Song Zuying, 23 November 2003 (Invited by Austrian-Chinese Cultural Exchange Association)

The First Austrian Official Invitation for Pianists: Kong Xiangdong, 20 June 2004 (Invited by the Prime Minister's Office of Austria)

The first pop singer to hold a solo concert in the Golden Hall: Tan Jing, 13 September 2006 (invited by the Vienna Municipal Government)

Mr Niu, in gmtlight,he said,"The gold shines wherever it is placed, just like the glowing stick of gmtlight, which can illuminate your soul in spring, summer, autumn and winter.”

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