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Someone wants to keep the full moon, do you have any good idea?

   Release date: 2019-09-25     Author: Hanson     Hits: 182     Comment: 0    
Note: Many people like to see the full moon every day, I find a way and share to you all.

Every Mid-Autumn Festival, people can enjoy the bright full moon again and again. It is especially important for Chinese people. The full moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival symbolizes the reunion of family members. The whole family enjoys delicious food and chats happily and spends a good night together.

I take pictures of the full moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

I take pictures of the full moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The moon of Mid-Autumn Festival is the biggest full moon in a year. It is so bright and happy. Not only Chinese people, but also more and more foreigners love the beautiful full moon. They hope that it can be seen every day. But after all, the full moon only appears once a month, let alone sometimes it is blocked by the clouds mercilessly, which makes people unable to see the full moon. So, what can we do to give people more chances to see the full moon?

Some people have proposed a plan for space travel, to see the moon in space, but the cost is too high. It was suggested that the clouds should be blown away by a powerful fan so that the full moon would not be obscured by the clouds. Others are fantastic about bringing the moon back to Earth like cartoons. Different thoughts are emerging, but none of them seems to be achievable, and the full-moon fans are at a loss.

Seems like a real moon in my hand.

Seems like a real moon in my hand.

The whole thing finally turned around. A lifelike "moon" quietly appeared in front of me. It was done as well as the real moon. I could even easily find a series of iconic features such as Copernicus Ring Mountain and so on. It has excellent touch, unique texture on the surface, and it feels lubricated and layered. If I had to find out the difference between it and the real moon, it was that its size and weight were more suitable for my palm. Hold this "moon" in my hands, the warm and soft light it emitted made me feel everything around me quiet at this moment, I feel that the whole world is only me and the moon in my hands. I am also surprised to find that through the attached remote control, this "moon" can change different colors of light, I believe that no matter who can find their favorite colors. What is this "moon" actually?

Some fashion seekers probably already know what I mean by "the moon". It is the use of 3D printing technology to design the fine appearance of the moon lamp, the whole "Moon" is based on the open data of the lunar appearance of the molding and printing. Take out the wooden bracket in the package, the bracket also reveals a simple and quiet atmosphere. It is a perfect partner with the moon lamp. I turned off the light in the room and let the light of the moon lamp map to the whole room. At this moment, I enjoy the quiet light and the whole body relax. I look at the shining "moon", is it exactly the full moon that people are dreamed of?


A "full moon" with people every day.

From now on, I can enjoy the beautiful full moon every day. I will experience the Moon more and share it with you. Would you like to join me?

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