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Afforestation: Green is Wealth Gmtlight In Action

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Note: Afforestation: Green is Wealth Gmtlight In ActionSaihanba National Forest Park afterAfforestationMore than 400 kilometer

Afforestation: Green is Wealth gmtlight In Action


Saihanba National Forest Park after Afforestation

More than 400 kilometers north of Beijing, there is a deep green mosaic. It's Saihanba National Forest Park, used to be a desert,After three generations of afforestation in China, it now has a charming scenery and is a good place for people to relax and cool down in hot summer. Nowadays, 137 million cubic meters of clean water and 550,000 tons of oxygen are transported to Beijing and Tianjin every year, which is an important ecological barrier to protect Beijing and Tianjin. They turned the wilderness where birds did not inhabit and yellow sand covered the sky into a throusand million sqear meters of artificial forest.



Construction of ecological civilization, care for home, care for the earth, afforestation, gmtlight staff are actively taking action.


Walking in the desert is difficult, walking in the forest, the air is fresh and pleasant, from every tree, every gmtlight person, we can find the answer. This is the unswerving struggle and dedication, the thorough understanding and adherence to the concept of green, is the mission and responsibility of the sustainable development of the earth people.

Located in the hinterland of Kubuqi Desert, Volunteers from gmtlight planted salix, poplar and Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica together with workers, to resist wind and sand and build an ecological barrier for Gobi Oasis.


Afforestation, starting from an early age, regardless of nationality, region and age, should have green awareness, environmental awareness and reduce carbon emissions.


China's leaders said, "Green water and green hills are Golden Hill or Silver Hill". That means, Green is Wealth, Everything will be fine if the environment is good.







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