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Daxing International Airport Is Closed To Gmtlight

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Note: Beijing Daxing international airport is one of the ten largest airports in the world, and it is said to be second. Locat

Beijing Daxing international airport is one of the ten largest airports in the world, and it is said to be second. Located in Daxing District, Beijing, where gmtlight is located. This article will focus on introducing face brushing into the station.

daxing internatio<em></em>nal airport

Passengers only need to "brush" their faces to see their boarding information; at the boarding gate, passengers on this flight can boarding directly, while other passengers will be reminded to block; in the VIP area, staff wear AR glasses to identify passengers and arrange seats for themautomatically. At the same time when the Daxing International Airport was put into operation, China Eastern Airlines and China Unicom jointly launched the "smart travel integrated service system".

daxing internatio<em></em>nal airport

The "brush face traffic" of the Daxing International Airport is the first commercial application based on 5G Gigabit Network in the world. The field experience of the staff of Eastern Airlines shows that it takes only 20 minutes from check-in and baggage check to the boarding gate. Intelligent travel is not only a patchwork of innovative points, but also a reconstruction of the whole travel process.

daxing internatio<em></em>nal airport

"Face Brushing" relies on the comprehensive application of new technologies

At Daxing International Airport, passengers'baggage checking also has a new experience. After completing the self-service check-in and baggage check by mobile phone APP, passengers only need to close the electronic luggage tag to the mobile phone, and enter the flight number, baggage destination and other information within a few seconds. The whole process of baggage consignment and delivery is paperless, which not only improves the efficiency of baggage consignment, but also realizes the high-definition video monitoring of the whole process of baggage transportation.

daxing internatio<em></em>nal airport

"This is a smart travel service system, not a scattered innovation, but to take care of the passenger, baggage and information to form an overall plan." Relevant technicians briefed Ms Guo in gmtlight.

Passengers don't need to hold too many cards in their hands, just rely on their faces. Take the brush face as an example, in fact, brush the ID card or the two-dimensional code, the passengers will not spend much time, but passengers need to prepare their ID cards ahead of time. Afterwards, they should pay attention not to lose their identity cards. There are several steps to open the phone to the two-dimensional code, which will bring some burden to the passengers. The landing of this facial brushing system makes passengers much easier.

daxing internatio<em></em>nal airport

Mr. Wang of gmtlight Technology Department gets to know that "behind this system, there are not only 5G, but also the wide application of artificial intelligence, AR, RFID (radio frequency identification) and other technologies, which can be said to be the comprehensive application innovation of new technologies represented by 5G."

For the public concerned about the security of user privacy data, Huang Lin told the Beijing News that the system used a variety of ways to ensure the security of user face recognition data, to avoid the abuse of these data. At present, there are two ways to get the passenger's face recognition information. One is the user's self-registered face information on the company equipment, the other is the face information shared by the airport security system. For the former, the company has a meticulous management system, which requires strict approval for the invocation of the data; for the latter, the system will completely delete the data within hours after the departure of the passenger's flight.

5G technology has many advantages, 3000 indoor sub-base stations achieve seamless coverage

In order to achieve the full coverage of 5G signal in Daxing International Airport, nearly 100 base stations are laid on the airport apron, and as many as 3000 indoor sub-base stations are fitted in the waiting hall and other indoor space. The airport environment is spacious, the density of people is high, the mobility is strong, and there are many disturbances. In order to ensure the bandwidth requirements of various personal and commercial uses, the site planning and installation methods of the construction party are highly demanded.

What's more, robots are used in some parking lots.

"This is a large airport with modern technology everywhere. At present, flights are increasing one after another. It's very convenient to get off the plane at Daxing International Airport when visiting for foreign visitors to gmtlight in the future." Mr. Niu, gmtlight

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