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The indissoluble bond between Moutai Liquor & Mrs. Thatcher

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Note: Moutai Liquor is a traditional specialty liquor in China. It is one of the three most famous distilled spirits in the wo

Moutai Liquor is a traditional specialty liquor in China. It is one of the three most famous distilled spirits in the world.  You know, Moutai Wine and whisky, cognac brandy are the three most famous wines in the world. Moutai Wine is also one of the three famous Chinese liquor "Mao five sword". Moutai has a history of more than 800 years.


The style and quality of the Moutai liquor are characterized by "Flavor, elegant and delicate, full-bodied wine, long aftertaste, and lasting fragrance in empty cups". Its special style comes from the unique traditional brewing techniques formed after years of accumulation. The brewing method is combined with the agricultural production in the river basin, and is affected by the environment. Moutai reflects some primitive traces of local life.

There is a story about the UK prime minister's intoxication.

On the afternoon of 5:30 in December 19, 1984, China and Britain jointly issued a statement at the Great Hall of the people. The signing ceremony was held formally. This is a moment of historic significance for the future. 101 representatives from Hongkong were invited to attend the signing ceremony witnessed the solemn ceremony. The people of the world and the one billion Chinese people, including the five million and five hundred thousand Hong Kong citizens, have seen a glittering page in the history of China and British Relations from the screen.

Former British Prime Minister Mrs. Thatcher,When she was about to visit China, Her husband, who cares for his wife and is very considerate, and tells her again and again that after she comes to China, she must be careful not to be drunk by China Moutai.


At the end of the signing ceremony, she still had a charming and graceful expression, walked in the banquet hall with great lightness and ease. She was glad that the Chinese and British sides had handled the great event of returning Hongkong to China. At the beginning of the national banquet, Mrs. Thatcher came to her heart to be happy. She kept herself well and naturally. In the warm and friendly atmosphere of the guests and hosts, she drank three cups of Moutai liquor in succession.After drinking these three cups of wine, She was floating up and down, but she also said with a false heart, "I am not drunk, good wine." It means that she wants to drink more, and the governor, Sir Alex, is not good at understanding. He is worried that Mrs. Thatcher will drink a lot when she is happy, and she will make a joke. When Mrs. Thatcher stepped out of the banquet hall and lifted up the white marble staircase, she suddenly pushed away sir Yoder and Evans, she wanted to look back at the style of the Great Hall of the people. When she looked up at solemn Hall, it was because of excitement or the effect of the wine that she stumbled and almost fell. Reporters from various countries are preparing to take this shot. Unfortunately to reporters, Mrs. Thatcher was OK quickly.

When Mrs. Thatcher returned to England, she saw that she was drunk under the national emblem of the Great Hall of the people.

"Mrs. Thatcher is very impressed by the Chinese people's mind and is an able prime minister. She is optimistic and cheerful, and many Chinese like her. During the prime minister's office, the British economy, society and culture changed deeply and extensively”Mr Niu,at gmtlight.






签字仪式结束,这位年过花甲,但却依然风姿焯约的撒切尔夫人,步伐轻盈,十分潇洒地进入宴会厅,正为中英双方处理好香港归还中国问题这件大事而高兴。国宴开始,由中央领导人主持,悬挂国旗,席间致祝酒辞,按照惯例,宴会用的是茅台酒。撒切尔夫人一来心里高兴,二来自持海量,早把临别时丈夫的忠告忘的一干二净。在宾主热烈友好的气氛中她竟接连喝了三杯。这三杯茅台酒下肚,撒切尔夫人竟飘飘然起来,可她还言不由衷的说道:“好酒,好酒我没醉。”意思是还想再喝,香港总督尤德爵士一看不妙,担心撒切尔夫人在高兴中喝多了会闹出笑话,便和英国驻华大使伊文思搀扶着她回钓鱼台国宾馆休息。当撒切尔夫人步出宴会厅,抬脚下汉白玉石梯的时候,突然推开了搀扶她的尤德爵士和伊文思,要回头看一下中国人民大会堂的风采。当她抬头看着庄严肃穆的人民大会堂,不知是出于激动,还是茅台酒的功力发作,她踉跄了一下,差点摔了一跤。 各国记者正准备拍下这个镜头,可惜,说时迟那时快,撒切尔夫人很快被伊文思和尤德扶了起来,大家都连说:“可惜!”


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