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Bird's Nest is the Crystallization of Green Energy and Advanced Science and Technology

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Note: We will talk about the design of The Bird's Nest, the National Stadium of China, should fully embody the idea of sus

Bird's Nest is the Crystallization of Green Energy and Advanced Science and Technology.

birds nest

We will talk about the design of "The Bird's Nest", the National Stadium of China, should fully embody the idea of sustainable development, adopt the world's advanced and feasible environmental protection technology and building materials, maximize the use of natural ventilation and lighting, and conform to Olympics in saving energy and resources, solid waste treatment, protection of electromagnetic radiation and light pollution, and application of substitutes for ozone depleting substances (ODS). Some of the requirements for environmental protection of transportation projects are to meet the international advanced level and set up a model for environmental protection.

birds nest

Advanced energy-saving design and environmental protection measures are adopted in the construction of Bird's Nest, such as good natural ventilation and lighting, comprehensive recovery of rainwater, utilization of renewable geothermal energy, application of solar photovoltaic power generation technology, etc.

The reason why the appearance of "Bird's Nest" is originally created as a bird's nest without complete seal is to consider not only enabling the audience to enjoy the natural circulation of air and light, but also minimizing the energy consumption caused by artificial mechanical ventilation and artificial light sources. The light sources used in the "nest" are all kinds of high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection light sources.

Outdoor lighting such as pedestrian square, the Bird's Nest also uses solar power lighting system as far as possible. Below the football field in the Bird's Nest are 312 ground source heat pump system wells. It absorbs the heat contained in the soil in winter by burying heat exchanger tubes, and in summer it absorbs the cold stored in the soil to provide cooling to the bird's nest, which can save a lot of power resources.

A special rainwater recovery system is installed on the top of the Bird's Nest. The collected rainwater eventually becomes recycled water that can be used for greening, flushing toilets, fire fighting and even washing runways. Many advanced green environmental protection measures make the National Stadium a large-scale "green building" worthy of the name.

The Bird's Nest has a total of 100,000 seats, of which 80,000 are permanent and the other 20,000 are temporarily increased during the Olympic Games.

The "Bird's Nest" is located in the central area of the Olympic Park, which is a public activity centre of collective sports competitions, conferences and exhibitions, cultural entertainment, business and LEIsure shopping. As the main stadium of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, "Bird's Nest" will become one of Beijing's landmark buildings.

In the design and construction of the Bird's Nest, great efforts have been made to improve the utilization efficiency of venues and spaces. In addition to the opening, closing and sports competitions, the Bird's Nest can also meet the needs of fitness, business, exhibition and performance, and lay a solid foundation for the successful implementation of the "post-Olympic development".

As the main stadium of Beijing Olympic Games, the National Stadium adopts solar photovoltaic power generation system. Green Olympics, High-tech Olympics and Humanistic Olympics are the three major themes of the Beijing Olympic Games. The solar photovoltaic power generation system has settled in the Bird's Nest, which integrates clean and environmentally friendly solar power generation with the capacity of the national stadium. It is not only an excellent embodiment of the three themes of the Beijing Olympic Games, but also an advocacy of the use of green energy, effective control and mitigation of air pollution in Beijing and its surrounding areas. Advocating a green and environmentally friendly lifestyle will play a positive role in promoting and good demonstration effect. The technology of solar photovoltaic power generation system is at the advanced level in the world. The total capacity of the solar power generation system is 130 kW, which will play a good complement to the power supply of the national stadium.

“Solar energy is widely used in bird's nest, which is an environmentally friendly design concept. As a model, remind everyone to love the environment, green development. gmtlight also focuses on the development and utilization of civil solar energy products. ”Mr Niu, at gmtlight.










作为北京奥运会主体育场的国家体育场采用了太阳能光伏发电系统。绿色奥运、科技奥运、人文奥运是北京奥运的三大主题,此次太阳能光伏发电系统落户“鸟巢”,将清洁、环保的太阳能发电与国家体育场容为一体,不仅是对北京奥运会三大主题的极好体现,同时对于提倡使用绿色能源、有效控制和减轻北京及周边地区大气污染,倡导绿色环保的生活方式将起到积极的推动作用和良好的示范效应。 太阳能光伏发电系统技术目前处于世界先进水平,该太阳能发电系统总容量130千瓦,对国家体育场电力供应将起到良好的补充。


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