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How world leaders evaluate the terracotta warriors of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty

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Note: Let's see how world leaders evaluate the terracotta warriors of the first emperor of Qin DynastySingapore Prime Mini

Let's see how world leaders evaluate the terracotta warriors of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty

terracotta warriors

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew: "the miracle of the world, the pride of the nation." (1976.05.06)

French President Jacques Chirac: "there are seven wonders in the world. The discovery of the terra cotta warriors can be said to be eight. If you don't look at the pyramids, you don't really go to Egypt. If you don't look at the terracotta warriors, you don't really go to China. " (September 1978)

U.S. Vice President Mondale: "this is the real miracle. People all over the world should come here to have a look." (August 29, 1979)

Marguerite II, Queen of Denmark: "I have been engaged in Archaeology for more than ten years, and I have been to archaeology sites in many countries in Europe. I have never seen such an exciting scene. Everything here has left me with an eternal memory." (September 17, 1979)

terracotta warriors

Japan's prime minister, Masako Ohara, said: "the pit of Terra Cotta Warriors is a miracle of the world. It's worth mentioning that seeing is better than hearing." (December 8, 1979)

Mrs. Wei, speaker of the European Parliament: "I saw the terra cotta warriors of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty, which broadened my horizon. These Terra Cotta Warriors embody the wisdom and imagination of the people of Qin Dynasty. What a miracle! " (July 20, 1981)

Danish Prime Minister angor yoenson: "the faces of the terra cotta warriors are different. It's really to the point of God. These Terra Cotta Warriors left me a lot of reverie." (October 23, 1981)

Pakistani President Mohammed Zia HAQ: "it's an extraordinary experience for me to visit the terra cotta warriors, a new discovery in recent years. There are many historical relics buried here. The most important thing is that China gives a very high appraisal to the great people who united China more than 2000 years ago. Without his vision and unremitting efforts, it would be impossible for us to visit here today. " (October 20, 1982)

terracotta warriors

King Hussein of Jordan: "today is the most meaningful visit in my life. I didn't expect to see such a good thing. This is the wisdom of the working people, and this is the wealth of mankind. It's a great work to make it in ancient times, and it's also a great work to repair it today. Such broken cultural relics can be completely repaired, which is amazing. " (1983.09.05)

Mohamed alsad, President of Bangladesh: "we are amazed by the oldest culture in the world. We are deeply moved by our visit to this ancient civilization. China's meticulous protection of culture and tradition and its dedication to the people are praiseworthy." (July 7, 1985)

President Nixon of the United States: "I am in an exciting mood to visit China's past, have the opportunity to see China's present and realize the potential power of China in the future. China is a mysterious place. I have come here a hundred times and I can't fully understand it. Congratulations to the staff of the brilliant Museum. " (September 7, 1985)

"As Secretary General of the United Nations, I hope all the troops in the world are like the terracotta army in Xi'an." (May 11, 1987)

U.S. Secretary of state Kissinger: "a nation that can create this splendid history will surely create a brilliant future." (September 5, 1987)

"This place reflects the achievements made on earth. These cultural relics are not only the wealth of the Chinese people, but also the wealth of all mankind," said Brazilian president sanell. (July 7, 1988)

Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister of India: "I was completely moved when I came to the great historical civilization. Here in Xi'an, the friendly exchanges between China and India have begun, and we salute your great country and people. " (December 22, 1988)

Indian president ramaswami Venkataraman: "it's a great pleasure to have the opportunity to visit the Museum of terra cotta warriors and horses, which is known as the eighth wonder of the world. The connotation and scale of terracotta warriors are extensive and profound. I would like to congratulate you on your work in excavating and protecting these precious cultural relics. " (May 21, 1992)

Israeli President Haim herzok: "this is an unforgettable world miracle. This is a good proof of China's thousands of years of civilization history. " (December 30, 1992)

Croatian President Flavio tudiman: "standing in front of one of the earliest wonders of the world and the witness of 2200 years of human civilization, people can only marvel. Today's Chinese civilization makes this human thought and activity to be discovered, preserved and displayed to the world, which is amazing. Please accept our congratulations and thanks to the leaders of the museum. " (June 10, 1993)

Romanian Prime Minister Nicolas wocrow: "as the eighth wonder in the world, the Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors deserves to be honored. This archaeological discovery is very impressive. It fully shows the long history and splendid civilization of the Chinese people. Thank you for your gracious reception and brilliant explanation. These will remain in our hearts forever in the future." (July 5, 1995)

Carlos Savo Menem, President of Argentina: "the terracotta warriors represent China and the huge cultural heritage of a country with a long history. Thank the Chinese people for leaving this heritage for mankind." (October 2, 1995)

Fidel Castro Luce, President of the Council of state and President of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba: "it is impressive, memorable and memorable. The achievements of the restoration workers and the people who created the terra cotta warriors are equally great and worthy of the respect of all mankind." (December 3, 1995)

Mexican President Vicente Fowles Quesada: "give my best wishes to this magical place, which reflects

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