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The 7th World Armyman's Games opened in Wuhan

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Note: Gmtlight News:Create military glory and build world peace. The 7th World Armyman's Games opened in Wuhan on the eve

gmtlight News:Create military glory and build world peace. The 7th World Armyman's Games opened in Wuhan on the evening of 18th.

The 7th World Armyman's Games opened in Wuhan

The 7th World armyman games is the first comprehensive international military sports event hosted by China. It is also the largest international sports event hosted by China after the Beijing Olympic Games. More than 9300 military athletes from 109 countries will compete and enhance friendship in Jiangcheng and Wuhan.

The main stadium of Wuhan Sports Center, which accommodated nearly 60000 spectators, was full of people and warm atmosphere on the evening of Tuesday. With the change of light and music, the emblem of the 7th World armyman Games "ties of peace and friendship" was lit, and the pattern of peace dove appeared in the center of the venue.

The 7th World Armyman's Games opened in Wuhan

Delegations from all participating countries enter the venue in alphabetical order according to the French name of the country. When a national flag of different countries passed the rostrum, the audience warmly applauded and welcomed the athletes from afar.

The 7th World Armyman's Games opened in Wuhan

Pichilillo, President of the International Military Sports Council, made a speech, expressing gratitude to the Chinese government, the Chinese army, Hubei Province and Wuhan city for their careful preparations for the world military sports meet and wishing the athletes good results.

Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee, said in his video address that this world military games is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China. He took this opportunity to extend warm congratulations to the Chinese people and wish the Games a complete success.

Before the flag of the International Military Sports Council, Yuan Xinyue, a Chinese woman volleyball player, and Wen Keming, an international basketball referee, took the oath on behalf of the athletes and referees participating in the world military games.

At 21 o'clock, Xi Jinping announced: "the Seventh World Military Games opens!" There was a lot of applause and cheers.

Share friendship and build peace together. The propaganda film of the 7th World Armyman's games, which was broadcast on the spot, reviewed the previous world Armyman's games and introduced the course of Chinese Army's participation in the world Armyman's games.

Subsequently, the opening ceremony of the cultural performance "the firewood of peace" opened. The first part of the art performance "Great China, endless life", divided into five programs: the light of civilization, the road of harmony, picturesque rivers and mountains, the Silk Road, and the fire of stars. By looking back on history, it shows the long-standing Chinese civilization and profound ancient Chinese military culture, and its important contribution to the advancement of human society. The next passage is "connecting the road, United Beauties". It is divided into 5 programs, namely, the division of peace, the new world, the "one belt and one road", the destiny and the common prosperity, and the dream taking off. Through the prospect of the future, we will demonstrate the new style of the people's army in strengthening the different army, showing the great momentum of the Chinese nation to the resurgence and spreading the firm belief of the Chinese people and the people of all countries in the world to promote the construction of the destiny community of mankind. The whole performance takes the mother river and loess land as the brush and ink, shapes the image of "Chinese mother" with colorful lighting stage effect, and conveys the good wishes and unremitting efforts of the Chinese people in pursuit of peace and maintenance of peace for generations.

"In order for pigeons flying over the sea to sleep in the sand dunes, and for shells crossing the sky to be permanently forbidden, I would like to forge swords for plows and bend guns..." The opening ceremony of the 7th world military games was successfully concluded in the warm atmosphere of the theme song "the firewood of peace".

Defense and military leaders from 42 countries were invited to attend the opening ceremony.

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