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Jessica Meyer & Christina Koch: NASA's astronauts begin their first All Female Spacewalk

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Note: This is an inspirational event. If women can walk in space, we men have to work hard, or we will fall behind. Mr. Wang,

"This is an inspirational and excited event. If women can walk in space, we men have to work hard, or we will fall behind." Mr. Wang, gmtlight.

At 7:38 a.m. EDT on October 18, the first all female space walk in human history began.

Two NASA astronauts, Jessica Meyer and Christina Koch, walked out of the international space station and started their spacewalk. This is the eighth spacewalk on the international space station this year.

space walk

NASA's two female astronauts begin their first all female space walk. /NASA TV

They spent 7 hours and 17 minutes outside the cabin, and finally returned to the cabin at 14:55 on the 18th, nearly two hours longer than the original five and a half hours. The two astronauts successfully completed the task of replacing the failed battery charging and discharging unit (bcdu).

This is Koch's fourth space walk. On March 29, October 6 and October 11 this year, Koch and other male astronauts took a space walk together. She is also the 14th female astronaut to take a space walk. For Mel, it was her first spacewalk. She also became the 15th female astronaut to take a space walk.

According to CNN, President trump told the two astronauts, "it's a great pleasure to talk to two brave and historic American astronauts," you're so brave, you're so great! "

space walk

Gmtlight:Space is no longer a forbidden area for women

Although the international space station has carried out 220 spacewalks so far, the all female spacewalk is still a milestone.

Of the 228 people on the spacewalk, only 15 were women, accounting for less than 10%. Gizmodo, a technology website, said the spacewalk meant that NASA finally had enough female astronauts to arrange an all female spacewalk. This is undoubtedly an inspiration for women in the aerospace industry. For the next generation, it is also very educational.

"In this era of rapid change, everything around us is changing. The speed of change is faster than we think. Several super malls near us have been closed. Instead, the couriers are busy delivering packages. Some changes make people feel negative. The spacewalk of beautiful astronauts is positive for every Chinese who is dealing with challenges. " Mr. Niu said at the gmtlight meeting, "with the increasing demands of consumers, it is more difficult to do product R & D and production than before. Sometimes for small enterprises, they are lost. Whether we are new to work or have worked for many years, boys or girls, we can create miracles. We should have the spirit of fighting between heaven and earth. Everyone will make their own achievements. "

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