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What pre-selection zones are there in the World Cup?

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Note: What pre-selection zones are there in the World Cup?The World Cup is called the FIFA World Cup. It is a football ev

What pre-selection zones are there in the World Cup?


The World Cup is called the FIFA World Cup. It is a football event with national team participation, the highest honor in the football world, and the most famous and influential football game. The World Cup has more than 3.5 billion TV broadcasters worldwide.

The World Cup is the most cherished glory of all countries in the world in the field of football. It is also the ultimate dream of all football players in various countries (or regions). The World Cup is held every four years, and any FIFA member country (region) can send a team to sign up for this event.

The World Cup is divided into two stages: the pre-selection stage and the final stage. The World Cup qualifier stage is divided into six major divisions: Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, North America and Oceania. Each division needs to be in accordance with the actual conditions of the competition. The situation sets the qualifier rules, and each FIFA member country (region) team that has signed up for the World Cup needs to play a qualifier in the competition area to compete for the World Cup finals.

The number of places in the finals of the World Cup is 32. In the final stage, the host country can directly receive the final stage. In addition to hosting abroad, other places will be allocated by FIFA according to the football level of each qualifier. Different qualifiers will have different numbers. The final stage of the quota.


The host can directly enter the finals of the competition, the South African World Cup host failed to qualify from the group, but FIFA did not cancel the host's direct promotion qualification.

The host country of the World Cup finals must be a FIFA member country (region), and the member countries (regions) need to apply to FIFA (you can jointly apply for the two members), and then through the entire FIFA ( FIFA) Member countries (regions) voted for election.

"Every World Cup is exciting, and many sleepless nights. Although China's football is very poor, I don't want to miss watching every event. The World Cup brings energy and happiness to the global audience. gmtlight will develop for each World Cup. Some cheering products can be considered as indirect participation!" gmtlight, Mr. Niu. "Chinese football invests a lot every year, that is, players do not live up to expectations. They always disappoint the Chinese. It is better to simply disband them. It is better to use so much money to do public welfare."


世界杯全称为“国际足联世界杯”(FIFA World Cup),是全世界国家级别球队参与,象征足球界最高荣誉、并具有最大知名度和影响力的足球赛事,世界杯全球电视转播观众超过35亿。







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