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Is the American plug the same as China's?

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Note: Is the American plug the same as China's? Do you want to bring an American plug converter for your trip?The plug is

Is the American plug the same as China's? Do you want to bring an American plug converter for your trip?

The plug is the standard configuration for the export of products. The plugs in different countries are not exactly the same.

When we travel abroad, many people are concerned about whether the power plug and socket can be used universally.

So there is a question: Is the American plug the same as the Chinese plug? Do you need to bring a U.S. plug converter to travel to the United States?

Mr Niu,Director Of gmtlight detection department will explain it for you.

American plug(photos as belows):

american plug

Above Photo is American Standard three-phase plug

american plug

Above Photo is American Standard two-phase plug

And Chinese plug types, as shown below:

american plug

Above Photo is Chinese Standard two-phase plug

american plug

Above Photo is Chinese Standard three-phase plug

You can find it easily that China National standard and American standard plug is with differences. There are two-phase and three-phase plugs both in the United States and China.

As can be seen from the above figure, the two-phase plug in the United States is very similar to the national standard two-phase plug, both of which are two flat pins. But there is also a small difference, that is, there are two round holes on the pin of American standard plug, so that when the American standard plug is inserted into the American standard socket, the protruding shrapnel in the socket will buckle the round holes of the two plugs to prevent the plug from falling. The two-phase socket in China is flat and has no round hole.

Although the two flat plugs of China and the United States are different, they can be used for each other. That is to say, the national standard two-phase plug appliance can be used without switching plug when it is brought to the United States.

The three-phase plug in the United States is totally different from the national standard three-phase plug. Therefore, the national standard three-phase plug cannot be directly used in American sockets (above figure).

Therefore, if you go to the United States with a three flat plug, you need to buy a plug converter.

Warm tip: the U.S. uses 110V low voltage and China uses 220V high voltage. Please check the voltage parameters of the appliance. If it does not meet the low voltage range of 110V in the U.S., please bring the transformer. Otherwise, it will burn down the electrical appliances and even cause personal injury.

"There are similarities and differences between American plug and Chinese plug. With different plug appliances, we need to prepare plug converter and transformer for them. In the production of gmtlight, we normally choose two-phase plug for American Market, it's economics and can save some cost." Mr Niu, in Gmtlight.

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