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The quality of cartons boxes is a part of product quality

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Note: In import and export products, packing materials are used. Cartons are one of the most common packing. According to diff

In import and export products, packing materials are used. Cartons are one of the most common packing. According to different materials, there are corrugated boxes, single-layer cardboard boxes, etc., with various specifications and models.

There are three or five layers commonly used in cartons, and seven layers are less used. Each layer is divided into lining paper, corrugated paper, core paper and face paper. Inside and face paper are tea board paper and kraft paper, and the core paper is corrugated paper. The color and feel of all kinds of paper are different, and the paper (color and feel) produced by different manufacturers are also different.

The volume of cartons changes with the size of commodities. Cartons usually have many patterns or text prompts, such as "handle with care", "be afraid of humidity", "upward", "stacking limit", "be afraid of sun exposure", "moisture-proof", "quality safety", "no rolling", "no trampling", "pay attention to fire protection", "fragile items", "green environment", "be afraid of heat", "food", "prevent peculiar smell", etc., to remind users to The user shall pay attention to protect the contents from damage.

As an indispensable part of modern logistics, packing carton bears the important responsibility of packing, protecting products and aesthetics. The physical performance index of packing carton becomes the basis of its quality evaluation.

In China, the test standard of cartons is very specific:

1. Inspection code for export packing carton Sn / T 0262-1993

2. Appearance GB / T 6543-2008

3. Dimensions GB / T 6543-20084, swing cover folding resistance GB / T 6543-2008

5. Thickness GB / T 6547-1998

6. Bursting strength GB / T 6545-1998

7. Puncture strength GB / T 2679.7-2005

8. Edge pressing strength GB / T 6546-19989, adhesion strength GB / T 6548-2011

10. Compression resistance of empty box GB / T 4857.4-2008

11. Moisture content GB / T 462-2008

12. Moisture proof performance GJB 1109a-2000

13. Stratified quantitative ISO 3039: 1975

14. Flat compression strength GB / T 6980-1995

Through the above tests, we can understand the performance of cartons and provide reliable data basis for the packaging design of enterprises.

"Many manufacturers ignore the function of cartons. In order to reduce the cost, they make a big fuss on the material of cartons. Many goods have been seriously deformed or torn when they arrive at the user's hands, resulting in damage or loss of goods. Therefore, the quality of cartons is an important part of the quality of goods. " Mr. Niu, gmtlight. "In order to ensure the quality of the goods, first, we need to ensure the quality of the cartons, and second, we need to reduce the size of the cartons. Buyers should also ask for cartons and be willing to pay more. "







1、出口包装纸箱检验规程 SN/T 0262-1993

2、外观 GB/T 6543-2008

3、尺寸 GB/T 6543-20084、摇盖耐折 GB/T 6543-2008

5、厚度 GB/T 6547-1998

6、耐破强度 GB/T 6545-1998

7、戳穿强度 GB/T 2679.7-2005

8、边压强度 GB/T 6546-19989、粘合强度 GB/T 6548-2011

10、空箱抗压 GB/T 4857.4-2008

11、含水率 GB/T 462-2008

12、防潮性能 GJB 1109A - 2000

13、分层定量 ISO 3039: 1975

14、平压强度 GB/T 6980 - 1995


“很多生产商忽略纸箱的作用,为了降低成本,在纸箱的材质上大做文章。很多货物到达用户手里的时候已经严重变形或撕裂,导致货物损坏或丢失。所以,纸箱的质量是货物质量的重要组成部分。” 牛先生,gmtlight。“为了保证货物的质量,一是要保证纸箱的质量,二是要降低纸箱的大小。买家也应该对纸箱提出要求,并愿意支付更多的费用。”

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