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The most beautiful night bike path made of luminous stones

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Note: The most beautiful night bike path in the world made of luminous stones,Guess where?Bicycles are an important means

The most beautiful night bike path in the world made of luminous stones, Guess where?

luminous stones

Bicycles are an important means of transportation in the Netherlands, it's healthy, environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Cycle Route 10, Amsterdam, Holland, the Netherlands, is the ten most beautiful bicycle lanes in the world.

luminous stones

The Netherlands is a bicycle kingdom. The bicycle lane in its capital is a four-hour, 42-kilometer long road that spans the city of Amsdan and the suburbs. Along the way you can admire many of the unique architectural features preserved in the 19th century or earlier. Cyclists will cross the famous Amsterdam Ring Canal, the Windmill Village on the outskirts of Amsterdam, the downtown downtown, Heineken Brewery and many other famous attractions throughout the journey.

A creative designer from the Netherlands, Daan Roosegaarde, launched a bold design inspired by Van Gogh's work Starry Night, in Brabant, Belgium's hometown of Brabant, with a high-gloss luminous stone. A bicycle path that shines in the dark. The luminous bicycle path is the best gift for Van Gogh and the Dutch!

This bicycle lane is illuminated by the principle of daylight stone daylight storage performance, so that this one-kilometer driveway can absorb ultraviolet light reserves as energy, especially in the dark night, the visibility is more obvious. The luminous stone automatically releases the energy stored during the day by means of illumination.

It looks like a normal bicycle lane during the day, and the intensity of the nighttime glow increases.

The luminous stone makes the night world more romantic, as if it is in the interstellar. Everything will be different in the evening, and the gmtlight product is to make the night a better place.

 luminous stones that glowing in dark

“A lot of buildings can be decorated luminous stone, such as balconies, or tree-lined paths, but it is best to be exposed to sunlight. This is energy directly from the sun, no need for power, and it’s going back and forth time by time. Gmtlight provides luminous stones & market all over the world.  The luminous stone takes Many families and people  joys. The information (link) shows: Luminous stone is also known as a storage stone. The stone itself does not shine. It can only be illuminated after absorbing the light source! The lighting effect of daylight or highlights is not Obvious, and the luminous effect of nightlights can only be seen in relatively dark places! Luminescent materials are environmentally friendly materials that fluoresce in the dark.” gmtlight, Mr. Niu

luminous stones in day time, it's good decoration in day too.

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