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The moon shines by itself? Is it suitable for human survival? Is there Chang'e on the moon?

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Note: The moon shines by itself? Is it suitable for human survival? Is there Chang'e on the moon?In past,The moon itself

The moon shines by itself? Is it suitable for human survival? Is there Chang'e on the moon?

shinning moon

In past,

The moon itself does not shine, it only reflects sunlight. The brightness of the moon changes with the distance between the sun and the moon and the distance between the earth and the moon.

The average brightness of the moon is 1 / 465000 of the brightness of the sun, and the brightness changes from 1 / 630000 to 1 / 375000. The average brightness at full moon is - 12.7. It gives the earth an average illumination of 0.22 lux, equivalent to the illumination of a 100 watt electric lamp at a distance of 21 meters.

The moon is not a good reflector, its average albedo is only 9%, the rest 91% are absorbed by the moon. The moon sea has a lower albedo of about 7%. The albedo of the lunar highlands and craters is 17%, and the mountains look brighter than the moon sea.

Does the moon shine by itself, and is it suitable for human existence?

Because there is no atmosphere on the moon, and the heat capacity and thermal conductivity of lunar surface materials are very low, the temperature difference between day and night on the moon surface is very large. In the daytime, the temperature of the surface of the moon is as high as 127 ℃ when the sun is shining vertically; at night, the surface temperature can be reduced to - 183 ℃. The temperature in the lunar surface soil can be measured by radio observation. This measurement shows that the temperature in the deeper part of the lunar surface soil changes little, which is due to the low thermal conductivity of the lunar surface material.

Lunar eclipse is a special astronomical phenomenon. When the moon moves behind the earth's shadow, the sun's light is blocked by the earth.

That is to say, the sun, the earth and the moon are exactly (or almost) in the same straight line, so the light from the sun to the moon will be covered by the earth.

In the case of earth, when an eclipse occurs, the direction of the sun and the moon will differ by 180 °. It should be noted that the orbit of the sun and the moon in the sky (called the ecliptic and the white path) is not in the same plane, but has an intersection angle of about 5 °. Therefore, only when the sun and the moon are located near the two intersections of the ecliptic and the white path, can they have the chance to form a straight line and produce an eclipse.

Today:The moon shines by itself,no eclipse,it's suitable for human survival,there is Chang'e on the moon!!!!!!!!!!!

shinning moon

gmtlight has created a shining moon for you. The moon's ambient temperature is suitable for human survival. There is no eclipse, and it doesn't rely on reflected sunlight. It can also emit light of various colors. You can move the super moon home at will? Look around!

shinning moon

shinning moon

Is there Chang'e on the moon? Yes, you can.

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