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Britney Spears - Piece Of Me,Beauty, vitality, jumping, interaction, moving!

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Note: Britney Spears - Piece Of Me,Beauty, vitality, jumping, interaction, moving!!!We can hear her live voice during Toxic pe

Britney Spears - Piece Of Me, Beauty, vitality, jumping, interaction, moving!!!

luminous gloves

We can hear her live voice during Toxic performance.

Britney is my life since the time that I can remember well. She's always my inspiration when I am alone.

Exactly what my Friday night needed! A few drinks and a Britney concert to jam out to ! 

Something about this video made me feel like I was at an actual Britney concert! You can see it in Youtube or somewhere if you dont have money to buy a DVD,and today most of youngers dont need a DVD. Time now is different to before.

This concert is SPECTACULAR!! THANK YOU SO MUCH dear, for such a GREAT work. I'm from China and can enjoyed life as Britney fans again. No any Chinese singers can take you such excited Show! Never!

Britney reminds your teenage years, This is lonely screaming a fan... now echoed by an entire stadium, her genuine reaction with that humongous smile is heart melting and priceless

you can hear and SEE the difference

It seems that Britney has been on FIRE since 2016, the best she’s been since 2005.

China singer often sells high prices for their ticket, and Lip synching. you know, this is also called clip and contra lip. In Hong Kong, it is called Mimi lip. It means that singers play pre recorded songs during live performances, and cooperate with lips that are not actually vocal. Lip synching "refers to the actor's behavior of using pre recorded songs and music to replace live singing in the performance process.".

It's disgusting.

luminous gloves

luminous gloves

Beauty, vitality, jumping, interaction, moving and so on are the components of concert. Of course, some interactive props, such as luminous fingers, luminous gloves and so on, are also wonderful icing on the cake.

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