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China imports a lot of cognac every year. Who drinks such a good wine?

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Note: China imports a lot of cognac every year. Who drinks such a good wine?A large number of imported cognac can't be dru

China imports a lot of cognac every year. Who drinks such a good wine?


"A large number of imported cognac can't be drunk by us in the first round. Our Nightlight series products make little money, that is to survive. Of course, good wine is for officials and rich people to drink. I have never seen cognac before, and I don't know what it tastes like. Just like Maotai in China, more than 200 US dollars per bottle, many people rush to buy it, but I can't afford it. Can I afford it? " Mr. Niu, gmtlight.

Although we can't afford it, as a knowledge point, we still need to know about cognac.

All cognac is cognac, but not all cognac.

Cognac, a specialty of French cognac, is a light white spirit distilled twice and stored in oak barrels for edification Hennessy cognac can be poured into a brandy glass for drinking (without adding water), or into a water glass with ice or water for tasting. When eating Chinese food, it can be used for accompaniment and drinking after meals, which is helpful for digestion. Whenever and wherever cognac is a precious gift.

According to the French federal identification standard, "cognac" must be the grape brandy distilled in the Cognac area of France, where about 250000 mu of unique chalky soil, combined with mild climate, become the ideal environment for planting grapes.

Nine liters of liquor can only be brewed into one liter of cognac brandy after two distillation procedures. All distillers are made of red copper, and their basic design has not changed in the past 500 years. It takes up to 12 hours to distill each time. After the second distillation, the wine is called "water of life" by the French. However, after a long time of fumigation and long storage, these spicy new wines can match the name of cognac brandy.

“Such a complex wine production process is a kind of art and wine culture. If I had a bottle of cognac, I would keep it rather than drink it.”Mr Niu at Gmtlight.

Casks play an important role in wine storage. only the solid oak planted for wine making in specific forest areas of France can be made into wine casks. Although the cellar is very cool, with the storage of cognac brandy for a long time, there are more wine volatilized in oak barrels, which is commonly known as "fairy rising".

Richard Hennessy, a former French officer in Ireland, chose this land to develop in 1750. The company he founded became the world's largest producer of dry Ba brandy.

In addition to growing grapes and distilling new wines, Hennessy also purchases grapes and new wines from independent growers and producers, but these grapes must be produced in the four best growing areas. Ganba brandy from different regions has different years and characteristics, but it softens Hennessy's unique style. In order to ensure the first-class quality of the product, the wine taster can try hundreds of times at any time to transfer out the good wine, which is an extremely common situation.

Brandy brewing technology is exquisite, especially pay attention to the aging time and blending technology, and the aging time is an important standard to measure the quality of brandy. Brandy stored in oak barrels by various manufacturers in cognac area, some for 40-70 years. They use different years of wine, according to the secret recipe passed down from generation to generation for careful blending, to create a variety of different quality, different style cognac.


The Drinking glass for cognac.

What kind of glass do you use for cognac?


Maybe use this light up wine glass for cognac.


“大量进口的干邑白兰地,首先轮不到我们喝,我们做的nightlight系列产品赚的都是小钱,也就是为了生存罢了。好酒当然是让当官的和有钱的人喝了,我从来都没见过干邑白兰地,也不知道是什么味道。就像中国的茅台酒一样,每瓶200多美元,很多人抢着买,我却买不起,喝得起吗?” 牛先生,gmtlight。



法国干邑区所特产的白兰地 , 由一种淡白酒经两次蒸馏而成 , 储藏于橡木酒桶中熏陶成熟 。 轩尼诗干邑白兰地,可以倒进白兰地酒杯中净饮(不加水),或倒进平底水杯中加冰或水品尝。在吃中国菜时,可将其用于佐餐,饭后饮用,有助于消化。无论何时何地干邑白兰地都是馈赠礼品之贵物。








"生产流程这么复杂的酒,简直就是艺术品,一种酒文化。如果我有一瓶干邑白兰地,我就会珍藏,而不是喝掉。" gmtlight 牛先生。

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