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Iron lady ~ how does the Eiffel Tower makeup?

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Note: Iron lady ~ how is the Eiffel Tower groomed?The famous Eiffel Tower is located in the God of war square in Paris, France

Iron lady ~ how is the Eiffel Tower groomed?how does the Eiffel Tower makeup?

eiffel tower

The famous Eiffel Tower is located in the God of war square in Paris, France, on the South Bank of the Seine River. It was built in 1889. It is named after Gustav Eiffel, a famous architect and structural engineer who designed it. It is one of the world-famous buildings, one of the symbols of French culture, one of the city landmarks of Paris, and the tallest building in Paris. It is loved by the French as "Iron Lady".

Iron lady stands proudly and graceful. She has been standing in the wind and rain for more than 100 years. Since it is "Iron Lady", then it has to bathe and dress up. The iron lady in Paris has washed 18 times in 118 years.

So how does "Iron Lady" bathe? Because of the complexity of the Eiffel Tower, it has to be painted manually. Paint itself is made of special materials, and its life is longer than other paints. Due to the huge structure of the iron tower, the number of manpower can not be too much, generally around 25 people, the workers first use sandpaper to polish the steel frame, scrape off the aged paint skin, and brush the primer.

Later, the workers put 55 tons of ready-made paint on the tower, which is an important part of the protection of the Eiffel Tower. Workers should apply paint to all parts of the tower: the sunny side, the overcast side, the windward side of the top The most difficult part is the corner of the top tower. People can only bend or lean to work. Although all of them are equipped with safety ropes, there is no great danger to life, but according to the workers, "painting this beautiful tower is really a hard work."

When the tower is painted, it is open as usual. A large number of tourists come to visit every day. Sometimes the paint drips on the tourists, and the staff will help to remove it. The paint is easy to remove when it's not dry, but it's as strong as a stone when it's dry.

The key to the bath of iron lady is the paint used for the Eiffel Tower. The color of the paint is very unique. It consists of three different shades of brown. The bottom is dark brown and the top is light brown. It has a special name called "Eiffel Tower Tan". In general, people are only amazed by the tower's tall and magnificent spirit when they visit it, and by her ingenious creativity. However, few people pay attention to the color of the tower. In fact, the beauty of "Iron Lady", in addition to her graceful body, her own combination of color and light, makes the tower more glorious and memorable.

When Mr. Eiffel, the designer of the tower, delivered the drawings, he said: "only proper paint can guarantee the life of this metal building." This sentence is very applicable to the maintenance of iron lady.

eiffel tower

eiffel tower

eiffel tower

gmtlight engineers designed a acrylic Eiffel Tower, a miniature version of the Eiffel Tower, which is 25.5cm high, simple to clean and doesn't need such a large project, and installed a light-emitting system on it, powered by three ag10 batteries. It's a small decoration for families, wine bars and hotels. It stands like a young woman in the daytime and reflects in the light at night Shine. Experience in Paris. The battery is exhausted and replaceable, with switch at the bottom, comfortable and high fidelity. It has night light function, which is used for bedroom, home furnishing, gift giving, bar, coffee shop, KTV, high-end restaurant, and every romantic place.

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著名的埃菲尔铁塔位于塞纳河南岸法国巴黎的战神广场,于1889年建成,得名于设计它的著名建筑师、结构工程师古斯塔夫·埃菲尔,是世界著名建筑、法国文化象征之一、巴黎城市地标之一、巴黎最高建筑物,被法国人爱称为“铁娘子” 。









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