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How many customs clearance regulations do you know?

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Note: How many customs clearance regulations do you know? Let's see.Countries to declare AMSUSA, Canada, Mexico, Philippin

How many customs clearance regulations do you know? Let's see.

Countries to declare AMS

USA, Canada, Mexico, Philippines

(the U.S. does not need to declare ISF regulations, which must be provided to the U.S. Customs 48 hours before departure, or there will be a fine of USD5000, AMS fee of $25 / ticket, if modified, 40 / ticket). Since July 1, 2016, AMS must be declared in advance for all goods imported to the Philippines. In addition to the original EBS, CIC will add another AMS surcharge. For goods to the Philippines, AMS is required to be declared in advance.

Countries to declare ens

For all EU Member States, ENS costs US $25-35 per ticket.

Countries where wooden packages need to be fumigated

Australia, the United States, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Israel, Brazil, Chile, Panama.

Countries requiring certificate of origin

Cambodia, Canada, UAE, Doha, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.

National customs regulations

One- Russia

① guests must pay in time, or you have long-term cooperation. Otherwise, it is suggested to pay over 75% in advance.

② after the goods arrive at the port, there must be two reminders: one is to urge the customer to pay, the other is to urge the customer to pick up the goods! Otherwise, when the goods arrive at the port or station, no one will pick up the goods and the customs will black them out, or you will have to pay a high fee and the customers can release the goods without bills of lading through the relationship. Sometimes this market is reasonable and unclear!

(3) in view of the Russian procrastination style, it must be remembered that no matter in advance payment, delivery or payment back, we must urge.

Two--- India

Under FOB or CIF conditions, whether the bill of lading is "order of shipper" or not, whether the bill of lading is in your hands or not, India is not allowed to pay and is technically legal. As long as the name of Indian customer is shown on the bill of entry and IgM of import declaration, you have lost the cargo right, whether the bill of lading is in your hands or not , so be sure to prepay 100% as much as possible.

Three--- Peru

All new imported materials with FOB value exceeding 5000 US dollars or other equivalent currencies, old materials with FOB value exceeding 2000 US dollars or other equivalent currencies, and imported motor vehicles must be inspected by the commodity inspection company authorized by the customs. These companies are:

Burean Veritas ( BIVAC )

Cotecna Inspection

S.G.S. del Peru

The commodity inspection company shall charge the commodity inspection fee at the amount of 01% of the FOB price of the imported goods, and the minimum service fee shall be 250 US dollars.


Karachi Port Authority stipulates that the carbon powder, graphite powder, magnesium dioxide and other dyestuffs packed in imported paper bags must be palletized or properly packed, otherwise they will not be unloaded. In addition, Pakistan does not accept ships flying the flags of India, South Africa, Israel, South Korea and Taiwan.

Five--- Iran

Article 90 of the Iranian tax law stipulates that the freight tax shall be levied at 50% of the freight for loading and exporting goods at Iranian ports, no matter where the freight is paid. imported goods are exempt from freight tax. Jeddah and Dammam Port Authority provides:

① palletizing must be carried out at the loading port for the goods passing through the two ports, and the container goods shall be palletized first and then packed.

② all contents of the cargo documents must be detailed.

Six--- Saudi Arabia

All goods imported to Saudi Arabia must be palletized and packed with origin and shipping mark. Since February 25, 2009, all arriving goods that do not use pallets for shipment in violation of the regulations will be fined SAR1000 (US $267) / 20 'and sar1500 (US $400) / 40' respectively, which shall be borne by the guests themselves.

Seven---United Arab Emirate

The health authorities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi port stipulate that all imported food must indicate the expiry date and be accompanied by health and hygiene instructions, otherwise the port will not unload.


The final consignee must have the right of import and export, otherwise it cannot clear the Customs for import, so it will take about one month to modify the bill of lading.


① without the permission of the Ministry of domestic affairs, it is not allowed to import all kinds of drugs, sulfuric acid, nitrate, dangerous animals, etc.

② without the permission of the Ministry of foreign affairs, alcoholic beverages, dogs, pigs or pork, statues, etc. are not allowed to be imported.

Ten--- Canada

The Canadian government stipulates that the goods to the east coast of the country should be delivered in Halifax and St. Johns in winter, because these two ports are not affected by freezing.

Eleven--- Mexico

① to declare AMS B / L, commodity code, AMS data and packing list invoice are required.

② notify shows the third party notifier, generally the freight forwarding company or the agent of designee.

(3) shipper shows the real shipper and designee shows the real consignee.

④ the product name can not display the general name, but the detailed product name.

⑤ number of pieces: it is required to display the detailed number of pieces. Example: there are 50 cases of goods in 1pallet, not only 1 PLT, but 1 pallet containing50 cartons.

(6) the bill of lading shall show the origin of the goods, and the change of the bill of lading to the bill of lading shall result in a fine of USD200 at least.

Twelve--- Brazil

① only three originals of the full set of B / L are accepted and cannot be modified. The amount of freight must be shown on the B / L (only USD or Euro can be used). The B / L of "order" is not accepted. The contact information (phone number, address) of the consignee shall be shown on the B / L.

② the CNPJ number of the consignee must be shown on the bill of lading (the consignee must be a registered company), and the consignee must be a registered company at the destination customs.

③ it is not allowed to pay on time, collect more money at the destination port, and fumigate the wooden package, so the LCL quotation needs more attention.

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