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“New coronavirus epidemic”accelerated the application of unmanned delivery vehicles

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Note: China's new coronavirus epidemic has accelerated the application of unmanned delivery vehicles.To be able to eat fre

China's new coronavirus epidemic has accelerated the application of unmanned delivery vehicles.

To be able to eat fresh vegetables is the most simple wish of many people during the epidemic. Through e-commerce online shopping, the existing logistics capacity can not meet the surging demand of users. In order to buy a "ten yuan cabbage", many consumers have to risk being infected to go to the vegetable market or supermarket.

Under the epidemic situation, strict self isolation and going out management have become the consensus to fight against the epidemic. However, to meet the needs of people's life is still a problem to be solved. How can consumers buy vegetables and pick up goods? How does the supplier deliver?

In the special period, the unmanned delivery vehicle ushered in new business opportunities, and its emergence to a certain extent solved the problem of the last kilometer of logistics.

How does an unmanned delivery vehicle deliver food?

What is its operation mode?

What are the supporting factors behind it?

What role does unmanned distribution technology play in the fight against the epidemic?

Unmanned vehicles crossing the epidemic area become normal

On February 7, the epidemic has entered a period of concentrated outbreak. People "live" in their homes to fight the epidemic, and the noise of the past days in the city seems to have been erased. There is a new guest on the street, It's a driverless car full of vegetables.

1500 kg of vegetables, fruits. Starting from the vegetable transfer station, after the staff put the vegetables on the driverless car, they can choose the destination of the driverless car through the mobile app, such as the canteen of hospitals, schools and government units.

Unmanned vehicle can realize a series of intelligent operations, such as independent and intelligent path planning, obstacle detection and avoidance. After arriving at the terminal, the terminal personnel sign for unloading, and the entire intermediate transportation process is completely unmanned.

Mr. Niu in gmtlight said that the unmanned delivery vehicle technology has been mature, but it has been under test, and the plague really accelerated the application of the unmanned delivery vehicle. Safe and efficient. China's unmanned delivery ushered in the first year of prosperity.

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