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Not fireworks! But excited than fireworks!

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Note: More than 99% of steel wool is iron. After burning, it's iron oxide.Safe for steel woolwhen delivery to any wher

More than 99% of steel wool is iron. After burning, it's iron oxide. 

burning steel wool sparkles

burning steel wool sparkles

Safe for steel wool when delivery to any where. steel wool also called Superfine steel fiber.

The composition of steel wool is carbon steel, which is combustible, but not inflammable and explosive.

When the steel wool burns, the brilliant effect is like fireworks. The sparks are all over the place. It's a little dangerous and exciting to watch. It's very fun.

The light of burning steel wool sparkles is not "fireworks", but more more beautiful and It's visually spectacular。

Fireworks and firecrackers refer to those articles which are made of pyrotechnics as the main raw materials and produce light, sound, color, type, smoke and other effects through combustion or explosion after ignition. They are used for viewing and are inflammable and explosive. The harm of fireworks to the environment is mainly air pollution and noise pollution. burning steel wool sparkles is not same.

The composition of steel wool is very fine steel wire, which is made into a cotton like. It does not contain any composition of gunpowder, no ignition wire, no explosion, no smoke, no sulfur, and it will not self ignite in the daily high temperature. Therefore, although the steel wire cotton will have beautiful fireworks like fireworks when it burns and shakes, its composition and properties are not fireworks. There is no essential difference between the effect of playing with steel wire, cotton and fireworks and the sparkles produced by swinging a burning wood.

After the steel wool is ignited, the sparks will certainly be hot, and there will be no non hot sparks, so when playing, the basic protective measures must be done well. Wear gloves, glasses, cotton clothes, not chemical fiber clothes. Chemical fiber clothes will burn a hole in case of sparkles.

burning steel wool sparkles

When carrying out fireworks activities with burning steel wool, attention shall be paid to:

1. In places where open fire is prohibited, such as gas stations, inflammable and explosive warehouses, mountain forests, etc., do not play burning with steel wool.

2. In the cultural relics, it is also forbidden to conduct steel wire and cotton photo drawing activities, so as to avoid splashing sparks damaging the cultural relics.

3. It is strictly prohibited to play burning steel wire or steel cotton on occasions with many people.

burning steel wool sparklesburning steel wool sparkles
burning steel wool sparkles

So where is it safe and appropriate to burning steel wool wire or steel cotton?

1. camping,such as Rivers, lakes, seas and desert Gobi are the best places for steel wire and cotton photo photography.

2. For villages and scenic spots in the suburbs, as long as fireworks are not prohibited, steel wire or cotton light burning can be basically carried out.

3. Near the buildings composed of flame retardant materials. For example, rock, brick and steel buildings.

4. It's better to wear cotton long sleeved clothes, hats and windshields to avoid being burned by burning steel wool.

5. Protect your camera from burning steel wool splashed on the camera due to too close distance.

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