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Is ultraviolet germicidal lamp harmful to human body?

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Note: Is ultraviolet germicidal lamp harmful to human body?Ultraviolet germicidal lamp is an effective and convenient germicidal method. UV sterilizer can not directly irradiate eyes, skin, especially baby&

Is ultraviolet germicidal lamp harmful to human body? 

Ultraviolet germicidal lamp is an effective and convenient germicidal method. UV sterilizer can not directly irradiate eyes, skin, especially baby's skin. 

Attention should be paid to the correct use of ultraviolet germicidal lamp:

① It must be electrified for 3-10min before application.

② Do not allow ultraviolet light to shine on the eyes to avoid injury.

③ When loading and unloading the lamp, keep the lamp clean, otherwise it will affect its ability to penetrate ultraviolet.

④ It is necessary to use gauze or absorbent cotton dipped in alcohol to wipe the lamp tube, so as to keep its surface clean and transparent.

UV sterilization lamp, also known as UV disinfection lamp, uses the UV light emitted by mercury lamp to realize the sterilization and disinfection function. UV disinfection technology has the incomparable sterilization efficiency with other technologies, and the sterilization efficiency can reach 99% ~ 99.9%.

What is the scientific principle of ultraviolet disinfection?

UV sterilization lamp mainly acts on the DNA of microorganisms, destroys the DNA structure, and makes it lose the function of reproduction and self replication, so as to achieve the goal of sterilization and disinfection. UV sterilization has the advantages of colorless, tasteless and chemical free.

If it is not used properly, it is easy to cause great harm to human body. If the exposed skin is irradiated by this kind of ultraviolet lamp, the light one will appear redness, itching, desquamation; the heavy one will even cause cancer, skin tumor, etc. At the same time, it is also the "invisible killer" of eyes, which may cause conjunctival and corneal inflammation, and long-term irradiation may cause cataract.

In many schools and kindergartens, in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, ultraviolet lamps are installed in the classroom for sterilization. However, it is stipulated that ultraviolet lamps cannot be turned on when there are people, and only after people leave can they be turned on for sterilization.

When installing the UV lamp, the novice electrician should indicate on the lamp of the UV lamp to attract the attention of the indoor personnel. When installing the control switch of the UV lamp, the switch controlling the UV lamp shall be separately installed in the lockable box, the key shall be managed and controlled by special personnel, and the management matters of the UV lamp shall be posted outside the box controlling the UV lamp to remind the use and harm of the UV lamp, which shall be supervised and managed by everyone.

There are some UV sterilization bags, which are convenient for sterilization of mobile phones or small articles. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to the above mentioned things.



①必须先通电3~10min,等发光稳定后方可应用 。


③装卸灯管时,保持灯管清洁,否则影响其透过紫外线能力 。

④应经常用纱布或脱脂棉等蘸上酒精擦拭灯管,以保持其表面洁净透明 。




如果使用不当,极易对人体造成巨大伤害。如果裸露的肌肤被这类紫外线灯照射,轻者会出现红肿、疼痒、脱屑;重者甚至会引发癌变、皮肤肿瘤等。同时,它也是眼睛的“隐形杀手”,会引起结膜、角膜发炎,长期照射可能会导致白内障 。


电工新手在安装紫外线灯时,要在紫外线灯的灯具上注明,引起室内人员的注意。在安装紫外线灯的控制开关时,应该将控制紫外线灯的开关,单独安装在可以上锁的箱匣内,钥匙由专人进行管理和控制,并在控制紫外线灯的箱匣外面,张贴紫外线灯的管理事项,提示紫外线灯的用处与危害,依靠大家监督与管理 。


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