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Travel Essentials: solar charger

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Note: When traveling outdoors, it has become a habit for many people to carry a solar charger with them.Solar charger is a device that converts solar energy into electric energy. After converting solar ener

Everything grows by the sun. When traveling outdoors, it has become a habit for many people to carry a solar charger with them.

Solar charger is a device that converts solar energy into electric energy. After converting solar energy into electric energy, it is stored in the battery. The battery can be any kind of storage device, which is generally composed of three parts: solar photovoltaic, battery and voltage regulating element.

The batteries are mainly lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries and nickel hydrogen batteries. The load can be digital products such as mobile phones, and the load is diverse.

solar charger

What parameters are involved in solar charger?

Solar charger is a new type of high-tech solar energy series products, with intelligent regulation function, which can adjust different output voltage and current. It can charge different charging products, adjust the voltage from 3.7-6v, and charge mp3.mp4.pda, digital camera, mobile phone and other products. With five bright 5LED, it can be used for daily lighting and emergency lighting! The utility model has the advantages of small volume, high capacity and long service life. It is suitable for the environment of business trip, tourism, long-distance passenger ship, field operation and the backup power supply and emergency lighting of students. It has the advantages of safety protection, good compatibility, large capacity, small volume, long service life and high cost performance. Functional parameters specification of solar panel: 5.5v/70ma 1. High capacity rechargeable battery: 1300mAh 2. Output voltage: 5.5V 3. Output current: 300-550ma; 4. Charger charging time for mobile phone: about 120 minutes (there are some differences between different brands and models of mobile phone); 5. Solar charging time for built-in battery of charger: 10-15 hours; 6. Use computer or AC adapter to charge the battery in charger for 5 hours;

solar charger

What are the types of solar chargers?

Type 1, solar charger with lighting function, built-in energy-saving super strong LED lighting, very power saving. If it is only used for LED lighting, it can be used for 3 to 30 hours according to the capacity of the built-in battery.

Type II, solar charger with charging function, which does not have any other expansion function. The advantage is that this type of charger has large capacity and is very suitable for professional external power supply.

Type 3, solar charger with adjustable power supply. Currently, 5V is generally supported, 9V can be adjusted. [1]

What is the working principle of solar charger?

In the sunshine, the principle of solar cell phone charger is to convert the light energy into electric energy and store it in the built-in battery through the control circuit. It can also directly charge the electric energy generated by the light energy to the mobile phone or other electronic digital products, but it must be determined according to the luminosity of the sun light. In the absence of the sun light, it can convert the direct current through the alternating current and store it through the control circuit To built-in battery

What is the structure principle of solar charger?

The battery of solar cell phone charger is generally lithium battery, and the best one is lithium polymer battery, which is safe and high performance.

The principle of solar cell phone charger is to convert solar energy into electric energy and store it in the built-in battery of solar cell phone charger. When it needs to charge the mobile phone, the battery in the solar cell phone charger will output electric energy to charge the mobile phone.

What are the requirements for solar panels used in solar chargers?

At present, the conversion rate of market-oriented solar panels is relatively low, generally only 16.5%. Some domestic products can achieve 17% and others abroad 25%.

In 2008, researchers from Rensselaer Institute of technology developed a new type of coating, which can increase the solar absorption rate of the latter to 96.2%, while that of the ordinary solar panels is only about 70%.

The new coating mainly solves two technical problems: one is to help the solar panel absorb almost all of the solar spectrum; the other is to make the solar panel absorb sunlight from a larger angle, so as to improve the efficiency of solar panel absorbing sunlight.

Ordinary solar panels usually only absorb part of the solar spectrum, and usually work efficiently only when absorbing direct sunlight. Therefore, many solar devices are equipped with automatic adjustment system to ensure that the solar panels always maintain the most favorable angle with the sun for energy absorption.

What is the market situation of solar charger?

How to distinguish the quality of solar charger?

solar charger

The key to the quality of solar cell phone charger lies in four points:

First, use efficiency. The efficiency includes two aspects: the conversion efficiency of solar panel and the secondary conversion efficiency. The conversion efficiency of solar panel, as the name implies, refers to the efficiency of converting light energy into electric energy, while the secondary conversion efficiency refers to the efficiency of storing light energy on battery after converting it into electric energy.

Second, battery quality and capacity. Mr. Wang, who works in the marketing department of gmtlight, said that the capacity of the battery is generally 1.2 times that of your mobile phone battery. When the built-in lithium battery of solar energy is discharged to digital products such as mobile phones, there will be energy loss in the energy conversion process, and the conversion rate is generally 80% - 90%. The quality of the battery is also related to the service life of the solar charger.

Third, control circuit and protection circuit. Ms. Li, an engineer in charge of solar charger technology and R & D at gmtlight, said, "some solar cell phone charger products have simple design of protection circuit and control circuit, or poor compatibility, which is easy to damage the phone or shorten the service life of the phone and battery. So the design of control circuit and protection circuit is very important. "

Fourth, solar charger accessories. This problem is often ignored by many users, but it can not be ignored.  

Ms. Li, an engineer of solar charger, said that AC charger has two types with or without IC protection circuit. The AC charger without protection IC not only has a small charging current and a long charging time, but also has a full hidden danger. When choosing solar charger, we should pay special attention to whether AC charger has circuit IC protection.

Solar cell phone charger is a kind of solar cell phone charger, which is generally used in emergency. It can not fully rely on it to charge mobile phones and other digital products. To fully charge mobile phones, the solar cell panel of the solar cell phone charger required for general mobile phones is greater than 0.7W

How much is the price of solar charger?

This question is a little difficult to answer. It depends on the configuration.

At present, the price and quality of solar charger vary in the domestic market. For a good solar energy charging, we need to consider the use efficiency, battery and circuit design and other issues comprehensively. From technology to materials, we need to spend a relatively large cost. Gmtlight can arrange the production of solar charger according to the needs of users, which belongs to the expert of solar charger customization.

solar charger

What is the scope of application of solar charger?

Daily use for mobile phone, digital camera, PDA, MP3, MP4 and other digital products, high-power solar charger can also power notebook;

The solar charger can be used for charging products and electronic digital mobile devices in different range of charging voltage between 3.7-6v. The parameters of voltage and current required by mobile devices are inconsistent. It is necessary to select appropriate voltage for specific charging products and electronic digital mobile devices before charging the products, which can ensure stable charging and battery life. The solar charger provided by gmtlight can be customized with various plugs. The cost is basically the same, and up to 20 interfaces can be selected. It is compatible with most mobile phones (iPhone, blackberry), GPS receiver, special cluster mobile communication equipment, digital camera, MP3 / 4 player and other products, with a wide range of charging adapters.

Discharge instructions of solar charger:

When discharging, adjust the output voltage to the appropriate voltage to charge the charging product, and then select the appropriate adapter according to your needs of the mobile device, or connect the digital product with the USB plug

What are the precautions for using solar charger?

****Under strong light, to be recharged (direct solar panel) for about 8 hours, this is the best way.

****Do not put the charger in the car in summer (the temperature in the car is too high). It will affect the service life of the battery

****Do not charge the charger through the glass. The charging effect is poor it it's not under sun directly.

****Charging under strong light can improve the life and efficiency of solar Battery

****Do not put this product into the fire to avoid explosion

Content provided by gmtlight Technology Department

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