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What are the advantages of roller skating?

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Note: What are the advantages of roller skating?Roller skating, has many Chinese versions names, such as roller skating, ice skating, roller skating, but up to now, it is uniformly called roller skating.Rol

What are the advantages of roller skating?

Roller skating, has many Chinese versions names, such as roller skating, ice skating, roller skating, but up to now, it is uniformly called roller skating.

Roller skating has a strong entertainment, from the speed or technology is very interesting, and can be individual practice or group games. Therefore, whether it's LEIsure sports or small-scale competitions held between friends and classmates, through roller skating, people can be free from the tense and heavy study and work in normal times, and properly carry out some activities, so as to achieve the purpose of physical and mental relaxation.

Roller skating has the concept of environmental protection and health.

Roller skating itself will not produce any pollution, which advocates the concept of healthy environmental protection and is a fashionable health sport.

Roller skating is a fitness exercise.

Roller skating is a systemic sport, which can promote the improvement of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system and respiratory system functions and the enhancement of metabolism, for example, it can promote the improvement and metabolism of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system and respiratory system functions, can enhance the strength of arms, legs, waist, abdomen and other muscles and the flexibility of all joints of the body, especially has a great help and coordination on the mastery of human balance ability. 

At the same time, roller skating is also a healthy aerobic exercise. Generally speaking, the maximum oxygen consumption of roller skating is 90% of that of running. The best effect of maintaining the optimal intensity of aerobic exercise is to maintain the speed of 23km / hr. When roller skating, the measured heart rate is 74% of the maximum heart rate. This is a typical aerobic exercise that can achieve the effect of strengthening cardiovascular system and burning fat. Therefore, more and more girls take roller skating as an exercise to improve their body shape and lose weight.

Many people use roller skating as a short-distance vehicle.

In addition to the above features, roller skating also has a lot of sports do not have a feature, that is, it can be used as a vehicle. In general, on a flat road surface, roller skating can be used as a means of transportation. Of course, the grip will vary according to the road conditions, but basically there is no problem. In today's increasingly crowded traffic, roller skating has become a popular and fashionable means of transportation. Of course, we still need to remind you that you must pay attention to traffic safety when you skate across the street.

Roller skating is a relatively safe sport.

As a very popular sport, roller skating has not only the entertainment and stimulation of extreme sports, but also the strong security. In a recent research report from the University of Massachusetts, an amazing discovery is made: the impact of straight wheel shoes on the joints is about 50% lower than that of running. This is mainly because the pulley is not the same as running, which causes the wheel to rotate when stepping. The elasticity of the wheel made of polyurethane has little impact on the joints. Therefore, the elderly and children are also suitable for this sport, wearing helmets and protective devices, and the risk of injury after falling is very small.

Roller skating is an economic sport.

As a simple and economical sport, when you play roller skating again, except for the skates and protectors that you need to store when you start school, you need hardly spend any other expenses. These sports equipment have a long service life and do not need to be replaced all the time. Moreover, unlike swimming, tennis and other sports, roller skating needs a specific sports place, and it needs to spend a large amount of membership fee and apply for membership card to enter the professional field for practice.

Roller skating does not need a specific sports ground.

There are special events such as roller skating road race held on the road, which show the convenience and rapidity of roller skating. At the same time, another major feature of roller skating is environmental protection, which neither consumes energy nor causes environmental pollution. So there is basically no worry about playing roller skating. As long as you want to play, there is no hesitation. You can find a flat road and enjoy the fun brought by roller skating.

Roller skating first appeared in Britain, and it was more popular in western countries, then it was introduced to China. Nowadays, roller skating is entering the sports events. (provided by gmtlight electronic department)

Roller skating is fitted with led light by gmtlight, which seems beautiful in night time.

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