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Do you have such trouble with night cycling?

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Note: Exercise is very important for everyone's health, cycling has become a choice for many people. This sport can not only breathe fresh air, but also travel with friends, and cycling is an environmen

Exercise is very important for everyone's health, cycling has become a choice for many people. This sport can not only breathe fresh air, but also travel with friends, and cycling is an environmental protection sport.

After continuous development, cycling is no longer necessary for daily work, but has become a kind of exercise and relaxation exercise. More and more people like this sport, and their riding equipment is more and more professional. In addition to professional bicycles, there are conventional equipment such as riding clothes, gloves, glasses and so on, and more professional players will add professional equipment such as lights to the vehicles for use when riding at night.

As for vehicle lights and signal lights, I will introduce what kind of equipment my friends use in future articles. Today, I want to tell you the story of riding friends. This story was also put forward by a friend who likes riding. He said he had used some interesting light-emitting products for cycling, which could be dark at night, so in addition to the front and rear lights, he also installed an LED light on the wheels. According to him, this kind of light needs to be installed on one side of the wheel hub or a certain position of the spoke. When riding fast, the center of gravity of the wheel will be changed. The frequency of the force change makes him feel a little strange.

When we got together again and were ready to set off for a ride, one evening after dinner, an old friend with rich experience brought another lamp for the wheel. We can't wait to fix a black cylinder on the wheel axle according to the instructions, and then wrap the string of lights from the cylinder around the spokes of the whole wheel. Then we jumped into the car to have a try. We found that the problem of the center of gravity deviation of the wheel was solved, and the rotating wheel radiated brilliant light. This thing is simply wonderful. Everyone has installed these lights on the front and rear wheels. When we march forward in line, there will be a colorful array of apertures in the dark, and the visual effects brought by different light colors are also different.

The analysis from GMTLIGHT CO:

There has always been a debate about bicycle wheel lamp. The main point of view is about the waterproof performance and power supply mode of the product, and the most concerned problem is whether the center of gravity distribution of bicycle wheel will be affected if the wheel lamp is installed on the wheel. Our product design and production also take into account the user's concerns and actual needs, this wheel lamp after installation as far as possible to reduce the impact on the weight distribution of bicycle wheels, the correct installation method will not have any impact on riding.

The key to solve this problem is the installation position of the product. Other similar products are installed on the wheel hub or spoke. When riding fast, the wheel counterweight is unbalanced due to the wrong installation position, which may cause the body to shake and even cause the rider to fall down.

Therefore, we install the core components of the product on the wheel axle, so that the design will not affect the center of gravity of the wheel when the wheel is rotating, even if it is not used, there is no need to remove it in a hurry.

When you carefully arrange the extended light line to different positions of the wheel spokes, turn on its switch and you can still enjoy the unique visual experience brought by this wheel lamp. Different colors and shapes appear on the rotating wheel because you fix it in different positions on the wheel spokes. Everyone can try to design their own design, which makes cycling more distinctive. More importantly, this light can make your riding safer at night.

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