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SEDEX's prohibitions and work environment requirements

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Note: SEDEX's prohibitions and work environment requirementsMany Chinese suppliers are familiar with SEDEX, and each SEDEX member needs to strictly implement SEDEX's prohibitions and work environmen

SEDEX's prohibitions and work environment requirements

Many Chinese suppliers are familiar with SEDEX, and each SEDEX member needs to strictly implement SEDEX's prohibitions and work environment requirements, including the following items:

1.1 forced labor, incarcerated labor and reluctant labor of prisoners are prohibited.

1.2 employees shall not be required to pay a mortgage or to hand over their identity documents to their employers. Employees are free to leave their employers after giving reasonable advance notice.

SEDEX on employee rights

2.1 all employees, without exception, have the right to join or form trade unions of their own choice and to conduct collective bargaining.

2.2 employers should adopt an open attitude towards the conduct of trade unions and their organizational activities.

2.3 employee representatives should not be discriminated against, and they can use their workplaces to perform their functions as employee representatives.

2.4 where the power of free association and labour bargaining is limited by law, employers promote rather than hinder the establishment of similar forms of independent and free association and labour bargaining.

SEDEX's requirements for working environment

3.1 to provide a safe and healthy working environment, and to take into account the general knowledge of the industry and any special risks. Appropriate measures should be taken to prevent all kinds of accidents and health damage events caused by work, related to work or in the process of work. Reduce the inherent risk factors in the working environment as much as possible and practically.

3.2 regular and documented health and safety training shall be conducted for employees, which shall be repeated for new and changed employees.

3.3 employees should be provided with clean toilet facilities and drinking water, and, if possible, sanitary facilities for storing food.

3.4 the accommodation provided shall be clean, safe and meet the basic needs of employees.

3.5 companies adopting this Regulation shall appoint a senior management representative responsible for health and safety.

Do not use children for work

4.1 children should not be recruited to work

4.2 all companies shall formulate or participate in and fund policies and programs to enable any child found to be used as child labor to receive high-quality education until they are no longer children. The definitions of children and child work are given in the appendix.

4.3 children and adolescents under the age of 18 may not be employed to work at night or in dangerous conditions.

4.4 these policies and procedures must be consistent with the relevant ILO standard provisions.

Living wage

5.1 the wages and benefits paid in each standard wage week shall at least meet the national statutory standards or the standards stipulated by the industry, whichever is higher. In any case, the wages paid should always be sufficient to meet basic needs and provide some discretionary income.

5.2 before all employees start to work, they shall be provided with relevant information in written form, which is easy to understand and related to wage, and the detailed information of wages during the period covered by the current salary shall be provided to them at the time of each payment.

5.3 without the employee's consent, deduction of wages is not allowed as a disciplinary measure, and no deduction other than that stipulated by national laws is allowed. All disciplinary actions must be documented.

Working hours are in accordance with the law

6.1 working hours must meet the national laws and industry standards, subject to those who provide strong protection for employees.

6.2 under no circumstances shall employees be required to work more than 48 hours a week on a regular basis and at least one day off every seven days on average. Overtime must be voluntary and should not exceed 12 hours per week. Regular overtime is not required, and compensation must be made according to the reward salary level.

Prohibition of discrimination

7.1 in employment, compensation, training, promotion, dismissal or retirement, no one shall be discriminated against on the basis of race, social status, nationality, belief, age, disability, sex, marital status, sexual beliefs, trade union affiliation and political party affiliation.

Formal employment relationship

8.1 to the extent possible, the work carried out must be based on a formally recognized employment relationship established in accordance with national laws and practices.

8.2 preferences for employees protected by labor or social security laws and regulations and based on formal employment relationships cannot be eliminated through the use of labor contracts, sub contracts, or home work arrangements, or through apprenticeship programs that do not want to truly impart technology or provide formal employment relationships, nor can any similar preferential treatment be eliminated through excessive use Fixed term employment contract to cancel.

Abusing or corporal punishment or abusing employees is prohibited

9.1 the use of physical abuse or corporal punishment, or the threat of physical abuse, sexual or other harassment and verbal or other forms of intimidation is prohibited.

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