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Decompression toys:forget the pressure,return to happiness

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Note: Decompression toys ~ you and I are no longer under pressure, stress relief toys let you forget the pressure and return to happiness.You are under pressure, I am under pressure. Several years ago, a co

Decompression toys ~ you and I are no longer under pressure, stress relief toys let you forget the pressure and return to happiness.

"You are under pressure, I am under pressure". Several years ago, a complaint from Uncle, a bus driver in Hong Kong, became the annual speech. Later these years, with the advent of the economic crisis, fewer and fewer people put the word "pressure" on their lips, not because there is no pressure, but because no one listens to what they say, which is useless, because everyone is under pressure. 

decompression toys

In order to reduce pressure, some people keep a pet and get comfort from the pet, Raising pets sometimes brings more troubles. Bathing, epidemic prevention, health care and food will increase a lot of economic burden. Some people seek comfort from reading books. Others turn to toys for help. The Japanese should be the originator of decompression toys. As early as the economic bubble burst in 1996, Japan was born with the "Healing Series" toy, that's the electronic chicken. This kind of "pet" in the pocket let people have the carrier of "feeling", so it quickly became popular in Japan and even the world. The emergence of electronic chicken, for the first time, let people feel that toys also have enough attraction and healing power for adults.

decompression toys

Playing with toys is no longer seen as a loss of ambition, especially in the context of the economic crisis caused by the new coronavirus. There are many decompression toys for adults, such as pinching bubbles, squeezing beans, stretching caterpillars and so on. With the high unemployment rate and the economic downturn, office workers are facing layoffs and pay cuts, but there is no place to vent their pressure. However, this can also become a business opportunity. If you open a small decompression toy shop or online shop, you may have a chance to survive.

decompression toys

At the U.S. International Toy Fair, toy manufacturers have come out with cheap but entertaining "healing" toys. Seeing that the exhibition site of 100000 square meters was crowded, Carter gisley, chairman of the toy industry association, also said with a little elation: "we have said for a long time that the toy industry is very resistant to attack." Maybe that's true. When the economic environment is good, people buy clothes, buy electrical appliances, Party parties. With the coming of the economic crisis, clothes can be worn out, electrical appliances can be used, and meals can also be made at home. only toys are indispensable. Otherwise, how to spend the boring office time and the long night?

Have you got decompression toys for youself?

What do you think of stress relief toys? Welcome to interact.

decompression toys

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