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The mysterious Aurora Borealis and related Legends

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Note: The mysterious Aurora Borealis and related LegendsThe aurora borealis, according to principle, can be seen all year round in the Arctic Circle on clear nights, but often appears in the winter sky. Alt

The mysterious aurora borealis and related Legends

The aurora borealis, according to principle, can be seen all year round in the Arctic Circle on clear nights, but often appears in the winter sky. Although the cause of this natural wonder is still uncertain, it has attracted countless people to look up to the sky for thousands of years. The vast and mysterious Aurora Borealis makes people sigh and feel that life is small and the universe is infinite.

Aurora comes from the Latin word EOS. It is said that IOS is the embodiment of "dawn" in Greek mythology, the daughter of the Greek god Titan, and the sister of the sun god and the moon goddess. It was the first time that people looked up at the northern lights.

In Finnish, the aurora borealis is called "revontulet", which literally translates to the fox fire. In ancient times, Finns believed that the northern lights were formed when a fox ran on a snow covered hillside and its tail swept the glittering snowflakes all the way into the sky.

Some Sami and Siberians believe that the aurora borealis comes from the trauma of the dead. However, the colorful sky is not a sign of pain. On the contrary, it is the bloodstain left by ghosts injured while playing ball games or riding horses.

The Inuit believe that "Aurora is the torch of ghosts and gods guiding the souls of the dead to heaven". The Aboriginal people regard the Aurora as the appearance of gods, believing that the fast-moving aurora will send out the sound of gods stepping in the air, which will take away people's souls and leave bad luck. Aurora in the upper atmosphere of the Arctic.

In China, it is said that night came one day more than 2000 years ago. With the setting sun, the night has spread its black wings on the land of China, covering the distant mountains, near trees, rivers and mounds, and everything else. A young woman named Fu Bao was sitting alone in the wilderness. The autumn water under her eyebrows sparkled with fire like passion. She was obviously deeply attracted by the quiet night. The night sky, like the boundless sea, appears vast. Serene and mysterious. In the sky, the stars are shining and shining, overlooking the dark ground quietly. Suddenly, in the constellation of the great bear, a rainbow like magic light band appears. It is like smoke and fog, flickering, moving and static, like clouds and flowing water. Finally, it turns into a huge halo, lingering around the Beidou star. At that time, the brightness of the ring increased sharply, just like a bright moon hanging in the sky, pouring a piece of silver light to the earth, reflecting the whole field. All things are clear and clear in the four places, and the shapes and shadows can be seen. Everything becomes real. See this scene with treasure, can not help but move for it in the heart. So he was pregnant and gave birth to a son. The boy is Huang Di Xuanyuan, the ancestor of the Chinese. The above may be one of the oldest myths and legends about aurora in the world.

The aurora borealis is beautiful, mysterious and spectacular, but not everyone has a chance to see it. The designers of gmtlight have designed a simple product that can emit the dream of aurora borealis. Users can hold it in their hands and change the attitude of Aurora Borealis at will. Although incomparable with nature's aurora borealis, it can also bring beautiful space.

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