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Harry Potter's golden Trio & broom

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Note: This article introduces Harry Potter's golden trio.Harry Potter's golden trio Harry PotterHarry James Potter, the protagonist, was born on July 31, 1980. He is the only son of the wizard coupl

This article introduces Harry Potter's golden trio.

Harry Potter's golden trio Harry Potter

Harry James Potter, the protagonist, was born on July 31, 1980. He is the only son of the wizard couple James Potter and Lily Potter. He is a descendant of enot pivrey (confirmed in a conversation with Dumbledore at King's Cross Station), while Voldemort, the villain in in the book, is a descendant of cadma pivrey, so they share a common ancestor. Harry has black hair and green eyes. Just like his father, his black hair is always curling around. He has the flying talent of the potter family. The pet is a gift from Hogwarts key keeper ruber Hagrid on his 11th birthday, Hedwig, the snow owl. When he was still a baby, Voldemort attempted to murder him. Because his mother sacrificed his own magic protection, Voldemort's incantation rebounded. He became the only person in history who survived under the deadly curse. There was a lightning scar on his forehead. At the age of 17, he finally got rid of the magic detection curse. After he found that he and Voldemort could not coexist in the world, he followed Dumbledore's guidance to fight Voldemort, but he became the most wanted and unwelcome figure in the Ministry of magic controlled by Voldemort. Later, he returned to Hogwarts in the final battle of the seventh episode, won the support of most professors and students, and defeated Voldemort.

Harry Potter's golden Trio Hermione Granger

Hermione Jean Granger, born on September 19, 1979, was born into a Muggle family. In the book, she appears as a smart girl who is fond of learning and omniscient. Her knowledge has proved useful in many of their adventures. The only major she didn't like was divination, which she thought was "imprecise.". Hermione came to Hogwarts and soon became the smartest student in the whole grade. She not only knows the answer to each question, but also remembers the contents of every book she has read, and is happy to tell others what she knows. As a result, she won the nickname of "Gryffindor know it all" soon after her academic career. She was famous for raising her hand to answer questions in every class and enjoying it.

Harry Potter's golden trio Ron Weasley

Born on March 1, 1980, Ronald bilius "Ron" Weasley, Harry's best friend at Hogwarts, is a comic character in the book. The Weasleys are old, pure blooded families with red, flaming hair. Ron's father is an employee of the Department of magic that forbids the abuse of Muggle goods. His salary is not high, and he has many children. So Ron's family is not rich. Most of his things are second-hand. He is very concerned about this. He and Harry were close friends and eventually married Hermione.

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